Making the Perfect Tempura

For our final post on using a flour-based batter, let’s talk about tempura. Tempura is a very popular Japanese appetizer or snack. Tempura is actually more a method of cooking, more specifically of deep-frying, that involvesĀ coating ingredients…(more on this later)…with a feather-light batter and then cooking it in very hot oil so that you endContinue reading “Making the Perfect Tempura”

Meat and Taters Around the World—France

Okay…I’ll admith…I have been on another of my tangents away from the main purpose of this blog—crawling my way up the Raw Foods Pyramid bit by bit—to taslking about such forbidden topics as deep frying and beef stew… But potatoes are a vegetable, and vegetables are a major element of the Raw Foods Pyramid… AndContinue reading “Meat and Taters Around the World—France”