Making the Perfect Pakora

The next food that is a deep-fried favorite around the world supposedly is pakora. Honestly I had never heard of pakora until I started doing research for this series of posts, but now I am a big fan also. ————————- So what is pakora? Pakora is a classic Indian appetizer that are often served withContinue reading “Making the Perfect Pakora”

Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend

The Yukon Gold potato is Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian friend who was born at Ontario Agricultural College in the 1960’s and named after the “gold rush country” around the Yukon River. Flesh…yellow to gold, firm, moist, and waxy Shape…ound to oblong with a slightly flattened shape. Size…medium to large in size Skin…smooth, thin, with a gold toContinue reading “Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend”