Meat and Taters Around the World—Switzerland

For our final Meat and Taters recipe from around the world, let’s travel to Switzerland…and try the rösti….(The word is actually pronounced “reursch-ti,” not  row-sti…as you might think when you first saw the word…and the word “rösti” translates as “crisp and golden,”.)… This dish consists of grated potatoes that are shaped into 1″-5″ patties and served in wedges likeContinue reading “Meat and Taters Around the World—Switzerland”

Meat and Taters Around the World—Sweden

Getting my five year old ready to start “real school” in the fall has reminded how there’s always one of THEM in almost any crowd… The sibling that gets your mom the most expensive gift of any other sibling The nerd in the class that always aces the test that most of us have justContinue reading “Meat and Taters Around the World—Sweden”