Making the Perfect French Toast

Everybody is familiar with the expression, “Waste not, want not.” And everybody knows that when your bananas start getting too ripe, you either make banana bread or end up throwing them all away… …but don’t stop there… ..also stop wasting your stale bread…by making French toast out of it. French toast is great because itContinue reading “Making the Perfect French Toast”

Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook

Okay, so these last two posts have looked specifically at dredging your food in flour before frying… But before we leave the topic of flour, let’s talk about the different flours that are actually out there.   Typically when we thnk about flour, we all imagine the white stuff in the biggest canisteron the leftContinue reading “Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook”

Sorry, Paula Dean…But…

Now that our family is having to change our eating habits and stop cooking like the Southern Baptists from the deepest of the Deep South, all in the name of middle age and type 2 diabetes, are we to live the rest of our lives totally without the Trinity of Deep Southern Cooking—cream cheese, powderedContinue reading “Sorry, Paula Dean…But…”

Date-Sugar Sugar Cookies

Now that we know that date sugar is a healthy sweetener alternative for diabetics than standard granulated sugar…where do we find it?…how do we make it ourselves?…how do we use it in a recipe? What are the benefits of using date sugar instead of regular granulated sugar? Antioxidants…Dates contain the highest concentration of antioxidants ofContinue reading “Date-Sugar Sugar Cookies”

Barley Malt Syrup

Barley Malt Syrup—The What?! Barley malt syrup is an all-natural dark brown, thick and sticky liquid sweetening product that is only half as sweet as sugar and with its own strong distinctive flavor. The consistency of barley malt syrup is similar to molasses and golden syrup. Barley malt syrup is made by drying and then cooking sproutedContinue reading “Barley Malt Syrup”

How to Find a Healthy Sugar Substitute

  One of the best places to start swapping refined foods for more natural products is by swapping out refined sugars—such as white and brown sugars—and cutting back our sugar consumption to the ten  percent of our daily calories as suggested by the FDA’s daily recommended values. Refined sugars can affect out health in manyContinue reading “How to Find a Healthy Sugar Substitute”

Sugar Ain’t So Sweet After All

Another problem with processed foods in that the main ingredient in most of this processed food is a whole lot of sugar. The typical American today consumes seven tablespoons of sugar a day in processed foods, more than half as much as thirty years ago. Grocery store shelves are crammed with all sorts of foods that containContinue reading “Sugar Ain’t So Sweet After All”