More Gift Ideas—Organic Food Subscription Boxes

  While we’re on the subject of healthy snacks, I thought that this would be a good time to share this list of twenty food subscription boxes again… 1.  Blue Apron Who:  People who want to experiment with fun and creative recipes, avoid grocery shopping, and adventurous chefs who enjoy trying new ingredients. What:  FreshContinue reading “More Gift Ideas—Organic Food Subscription Boxes”

No Shave November

This month is No-Shave November… But being the wife of a Marine and having been on public transportation or in other tight spaces in too many foreign countries with armpit hair hanging to their waists if not even longer. I say the more hair you can shave, the better off you are… Wouldn’t everyone—male orContinue reading “No Shave November”

10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Boxes 

     We have all heard time and time again that choosing organic foods and beauty products would be doing yourself and the planet a great deal of good….about as many times as we heard our moms tell us that we need to eat all the food on our plates because there are starving kidsContinue reading “10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Boxes “

Saving Money on Body Care, Skin Care, and Cosmetics…Things to Take

    Take time to read blogs… There is a ton of information to be gathered from reading other people’s blogs. A few of the best beauty/fashion blogs are…   1.  Atlantic-Pacific 2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls 3. Gal Meets Glam 4. Nicolette Mason 5.  Sincerely Jules… 6.  Song of Style 7.  The Blonde Salad 8.Continue reading “Saving Money on Body Care, Skin Care, and Cosmetics…Things to Take”

10 More Beauty Subscription Boxes for the Rest of Us

   An important part of creating the minimalistic stash is to weed out products that do not belong in your capsule makeup bag and learn to choose only those products that you will actually use. Subscription boxes offer the opportunity to to explore new beauty and makeup products from a number of popular and upContinue reading “10 More Beauty Subscription Boxes for the Rest of Us”