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A Baker’s Dozen of Books About Soapmaking So That Your Friends and Family Can Give Soaps to You for Christmas Next Year Instead

For those of us who are “old fashioned” and still love learning  from books, instead of or in addition to, the Internet, there are many books available to help you along your journey into the adventures of making soap.

    Even though there is much to be learned from the internet, a few basic soapmaking books written by different soap makers will serve as handy references for recipes, formulations, troubleshooting, techniques, and information about different types of soap.

      Although the basic soapmaking processes will remain the same,there are always new and unique tips, tricks and techniques to be learned from every author.

        Some of the best soap making books include…

            1.  Essentially Soap

            • Author…Dr. Robert S. McDaniel
            • Geared Towards…all levels of soapmaking experience
            • Price (all prices are Amazon new cost)…$5
            • Published…2000
            • Review
            • Topics…simple instructions for cold process soaps, melt-and-pour soaps, and rebatched soaps “custom-made” with just the right scent, emollients, eye-appeal, fragrances, skin treatments, colors, shapes, and essential oils


                2.  Making Transparent Soap

                • Author…Catherine Failor
                • Geared Towards…readers that already have an understanding of ingredients and basic techniques
                • Price…$12
                • Review…From Nature With Love
                • Topics…creating large batches, as in dozens of soap bars for each recipe, of soap with a more transparent and appealing design to sell or give as gifts


                3.  Melt & Mold Soap Crafting

                • Author…C. Kaila Westerman
                • Geared towards…both basic and more advanced soapmakers
                • Price…$15
                • Reviews
                • Topics…soaps using a meltable soapbase, techniques, possible problems you might  encounter and their solution, colors, ideas, and advice


                 4.  Natural Soap Making

                • Author..Kelly Cable
                • Geared towards…beginners
                • Price…$12
                • Topics…organic soapmaking, different soap oils, coloring additives, cold process technique, ratios and recipes that can be scaled and adjusted for your needs


                5. Pure Soapmaking

                • Author…Ann-Marie Faiola
                • Geared towards…intermediate soapmakers who have already made some soaps at home…one of the most complex yet most detailed books available, so super complicated for beginners
                • Price…$16
                • Review…Soap Queen
                • Topic…massive list of 32 recipes with step-by-step instructions, but  involving many steps and ingredients 


                6.  Soap Crafting

                • Author…Anne-Marie Faiola
                • Geared towards…all levels of soapmakers
                • Price…$15
                • Topic…three dozen recipes using various household ingredients like avocados, cinnamon, and pumpkin spices…with techniques for adding swirls and glistening effects into your soap


                7.  Soap Maker’s Workshop

                • Author..Robert and Katherine McDaniel
                • Geared towards…beginners
                • Price…$22
                • Topic…a light overview of soap making with basic practice ideas…includes a DVD with instructions for each of the major recipes


                8.  Soap Making Reloaded

                • Author…Janet Evans
                • Geared towards…novice soapmakers 
                • Price…$9
                • Topic…an overview of the soapmaking process written especially for people wanting to explore soapmaking without making an actual commitment 


                9.  Soap Naturally

                • Authors…Australian soap makers Patrizia Garzena and Marina Tadiello 
                • Geared towards…”novices and masters alike”
                • Price…$150 (why?!)
                • Review…
                • Topic..hands down, the absolute ‘must have’ book for all natural, homemade, handmade soap 


                10.  The Soapmaker’s Companion

                • Author…Susan Miller Cavitch
                • Geared towards…at-home soapmakers
                • Price…$14
                • Topics…one of the best references for at-home soapmakers because it covers such topics as adding textures, colors, varying oils, and altering the soap’s aroma…as well as soapmaking as a business and selling your soaps with e-shops like Etsy


                   11.  The Complete Soapmaker

                  • Author…Norma Coney
                  • Price…$11
                  • Topic…detailed instructions and recipes for basic lye soaps made with animal or vegetable fats, and for hand-milled and specialty soaps using almond meal, chamomile, glycerin, and milk.


                       12.  The Everything Soapmaking Book 

                      • Author…Alicia Grosso
                      • Geared towards…beginners who need simple advice for getting started in soapmaking
                      • Price…$11
                      • Topic…a detailed guide to the entire soapmaking process


                      13.  The Ultimate Guide To Soap Making

                      • Author…Amanda McCarthy
                      • Geared towards…beginners
                      • Price…$12
                      • Review…The Curiously Creative
                      • Topics…a true encyclopedia answering all sorts of questions about soap making from start to finish…including recipes, the difference between cold process and hot process techniques, and the potential dangers of individual ingredients and how you should handle them with precaution
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                      Book Review…Making Soap from Scratch by Gregory White

                      Making Soap From Scratch, is a guide about soap making written for beginners without any prior knowledge of soap making. This book sparked my interest because after learning about all of the “bad stuff” found in skincare and cosmetics, I am seriously contemplating this whole idea of making my own “good stuff..”

                        The title, Making Soap From Scratch, is appropriate for the book because the book carries the reader from the most basic supplies to making your own soaps to selling your homemade soaps at flea markets and bazaars.

                          This theme is carried out throughout the book as evident by all of the recipes for making cold processed soaps, specialty soaps, luxury soaps, soaps for everyday use, and lard or beef tallow soap.


                              The author of the book is Gregory Lee White, founder of the company,  AROMAGREGORY CREATIVE INC..Gregory began as an employee at a friend’s local Garden Botanika store to opening his own store in 2003 to now owning the most “hip and funky New Age – Metaphysical store” in Nashville, that sells a  “repertoire” of products including largest variety of essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, and over 250 teas and herbs. Gregory White is also the author of the book ESSENTIAL OILS AND AROMATHERAPY: HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BEAUTY, HEALTH, AND SPIRITUALITY.

                              According to the introduction, this book promises to teach the reader the beginning process of making good soaps that are great for your skin.

                              I particularly liked the fact that the book that the ingredients found in the book’s recipes are easy to find and not extremely expensivebecause I don’t want to waste more time and effort into my soapmaik got journey than necessary.

                              I honestly do think that the book fulfills the purpose and promises that the author makes in the preface and introduction, and highly recommend this book because the book is easy to follow and packed with information written in a way that simply makes sense.

                              The book was easy to understand and even more interesting than I had originally hoped, and I would recommend this book mainly to readers who simply want to “get their feet wet” in this soap making world.