Dark Chocolate…The What

In our quest to add more antioxidants to our diet, we havec talked about alfalfa sprouts… blackberries…broccoli…and corn… …all of which may not seem very appoealing… But there is one source of antioxidants that we can probably all warm up to… Chocolate… Specifically dark chocolate… People have been enjoying chocolate for about four thousand years…startingContinue reading “Dark Chocolate…The What”

Making the Perfect Broccoli Smoothie

The perfect broccoli smoothie is not only good for your health, but also is satisfying and deliciousour broccoli to give you the most antioxidant benefits. ********************** INGREDIENTS 1.  Broccoli…obviously in order to make a broccoli smoothie, you will first need some broccoli, but if you are like George Bush and totally despise broccoli, feel freeContinue reading “Making the Perfect Broccoli Smoothie”

Blackberries…The What

Another good option when targetting your smoothie to be most effective for its antioxidant purposes is the blackberry. This soft, plump, sweet, and juicy fruit is commonly found in Europe from June until November, but are now also grown commercially in the United States. They also grow wild  in forests and hedgerows across most of North America…whereContinue reading “Blackberries…The What”

And the Beet Goes On…(Making the Perfect Beet Smoothie)

The perfect beet smoothie is cold, refreshing, and blended with just the right amount of other fruits and vegetables to either enhance or mask the flavor of the beets…depending on whether or not you like beets in the first place. And obviously, in order to make a beet smoothie, you will need some beets, right?!    Continue reading “And the Beet Goes On…(Making the Perfect Beet Smoothie)”

Can’t Beat the Beet

          ************* THE WHAT?! One of my goals while writing this blog has been to slowly crawl up the Raw Foods Pyramid, looking at one option at a time…seeing how each ingredient can be added to the diet of my newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. So, since we are now onContinue reading “Can’t Beat the Beet”

Making the Best Smoothies for Antioxidants…Alfalfa Sprout Smoothies

I’m definitely not a doctor…hated science in high school…barely passed physics and chemistry in college…I’m more of a pianist…writer(?!)…creative type…But I have learned that certain foods are good for certain whatever-might-ails-you’s.As far as Antioxidants go, studies have shown that the following foods contain the most antioxidants…and as result possibly better help to defend your cellsContinue reading “Making the Best Smoothies for Antioxidants…Alfalfa Sprout Smoothies”

How to Be a Smooth Operator

Making a smoothie might seem like a very simply task—simply throw everything into your blender jar and then push a button…but before we move on to which smoothie to make for which health benefit, let’s talk about a few basic “rules” that will help make your green smoothies taste even better. ********** The Greens FirstContinue reading “How to Be a Smooth Operator”

Making the Perfect Green Smoothie

So now that we know the health benefits of green smoothies, how do I make the perfect one…and what should I expect in the perfect one. The perfect green smoothie is the perfect blended of your favorite fresh fruits and dark leafy greens…blended with the perfect textures and with no bitter flavors….giving you not only great flavor,Continue reading “Making the Perfect Green Smoothie”

Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z

Mention anything about possibly even thinking about adding more fruits and vegetables to your breakfast menu…and especially leafy greens, and you’ll especially in the mornings, and you immediately start thinking about smoohties…in particular…green smoothies. Green smoothies—gee, that would be something that has a green color and a smooth texture…such as wasabi?…or guacamole?…or split pea soup?Continue reading “Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z”

Acacia Honey—The What?! Why?! Which?! and How?!—July 2018 Honey of the Month

Acacia honey is one of the most popular honey varieties. It is widely considered one of the best kinds of honey in the world, provided it is authentic….and is.highly sought after around the world. Acacia honey is made from the nectar of Robinia pseudoacacia, what we here in America know as the black locust tree, orContinue reading “Acacia Honey—The What?! Why?! Which?! and How?!—July 2018 Honey of the Month”