The Best Fry Station in the Nation

So far we have covered three cooking methods—sauteeing, stirfrying, and pan frying—Now we begin our fourth cooking method—deep frying. So far in your minimalist kitchen, there are several things that you should have either kept, updated, or bought… As far what you should have in your minimalist kitchen at this point, you should have… CookieContinue reading “The Best Fry Station in the Nation”

How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking

Now we’ve covered all the different steps involved in our first cooking method—sauteeing. But before we move on to our next cooking method and slowly re-begin our crawl through the raw foods pyramid, I’d like to review the method…by telling you how to caramelize onions… Caramelizing an onion brings out the natural rich and savory sweetnessContinue reading “How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking”

Don’t Just Gaze…When You Could Deglaze

Now that you have finished sauteeing whatever it is that you are sauteeing, you will find that your skillet has little bits of brown stuff still stuck to the bottom. Your first thought as you gaze at this skillet that you dread cleaning is that you now have to get out a Brillo and cleanContinue reading “Don’t Just Gaze…When You Could Deglaze”

How to Saute Your Meats and Vegetables

What is Sauteeing?…Sautéing uses relatively high, dry heat and motion to quickly brown meats and vegetables in a small amount of far. Sautéing also gives food a lot of flavor in a short amount of time. As far as meat, sautéing is a great way to cook meat because this method not only tenderizes theContinue reading “How to Saute Your Meats and Vegetables”

Some Like It Hot

Before you start to actually sauté your ingredients, you should preheat your pan for a few minutes.  Making sure that your pan is at the proper temperature before adding oil or ingredients. Meat…As far as cooking meat, heating the skillet before adding any oil or ingredients—such as chicken or pork chop—will mean that your meat willContinue reading “Some Like It Hot”

How to Choose the Right Spatulas to Saute Food

  Now that we’ve learned how to choose the right saute pan, let’s move on to the next tool that you will need in order to saute food—the spatula. Using a good spatula as you saute food in your new an is important because you don’t wants to scratch your pan or shorten its lifespan.Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Spatulas to Saute Food”