Ah, Love Oil

After the breading material are set up and you have finish3d breading your food you can finally start cooking. You should have already set up and start heating your oil by now…perhaps I shouuld have posted this earlidr, but let’s talk about which oiil you should be using to fry your food in. —————————– SmokepointContinue reading “Ah, Love Oil”

Green Living 101—First Things First

So now that we have totally gutted our kitchen and started slowly adding items to our dream Bed Bath and Beyond idea board, we find ourselves with six things at this stage. These include… Saute pan Wood cutting board Mineral oil to take of wood cutting board plastic cutting board mainly to be used forContinue reading “Green Living 101—First Things First”

Share the Challenge

As this new year begins, I have decided to get serious about getting our house in order Recently I stumbled upon this challenge on organizing one section of your house each week. This first week we were challenged to clear our counters and sinks. Honestly this has never been that much of a trouble toContinue reading “Share the Challenge”

What’s In My…School Backpack of Our “Resident Four Year Old”

Today the “resident four year old” starts pre-k for the fall…a moment that any fifty year old chasing a four year old 24/7 looks forward to all summer long. I imagine that I will drop him off and then come home and sleep until it’s time to pick him back up…I’ll let you know… SoContinue reading “What’s In My…School Backpack of Our “Resident Four Year Old””

Mineral Water At Least Makes Drinking Water Much Less Boring

My very favorite segment of the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory¬†is when Charlie and his grandfather drink the bubbly water and float into the ceiling. If they can escape the reality of gravity and this great planet full of chaos and concerns simply by drinking bubbly water, wouldn’t we all be drinking itContinue reading “Mineral Water At Least Makes Drinking Water Much Less Boring”

April Essential Oil of the Month—Chamomile—The How?

  We are all familiar with chamomile tea, having been read The Tale of Peter Rabbit,¬† written by Beatrix Potter in 1902, and hearing how chamomile tea was given to Peter after being chased by Mr McGregor. But chamomile tea has been around since the Indian days, at least. And it seemed like the IndiansContinue reading “April Essential Oil of the Month—Chamomile—The How?”