Books, Books, Books Galore

As far as your friends and family that absolutely can’t put a book down and would much rather be holding a leather bound book than a brand new cell phone or Ipad, here are some great sources for book suggestions as to which book to buy for what person… Blogs can be excellent sources ofContinue reading “Books, Books, Books Galore”

How to Help Your Children Experience Christmas All Year Long

Never thought that I would be nearly fifty chasing a three year old 24/7…but life happens… And so many of us are raising, or even adopting, our own grandchildren these days…(so not getting on my soapbox about different generations right now)… But there are several advantages of spending lots and lots of time with yourContinue reading “How to Help Your Children Experience Christmas All Year Long”

Review and Resources—Writing

Developing the habit of writing for an hour as soon as I wake up has become one of the things that I truly look forward to each day. I have had the opportunity to learn so much about various topics, to express myself creatively, and to learn self-discipline. As I continue to write, there areContinue reading “Review and Resources—Writing”

Be Interesting

Perhaps the most important thing that you consider as you write is actually not that you write often and have much to offer, but that your writing is interesting. If your writing is dull and boring, then nobody—including your mother will want to read it.   So first you must find your niche. Recognize whoContinue reading “Be Interesting”

Book Review…The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep

This book is a guide about the connection between inadequate sleep and weight gain written particularly for women faced with the fatigue, moodiness, and weight gain that we often experience because of chronic stress or hormonal changes to show how a good night’s sleep will actually enable you to lose weight, especially if you haveContinue reading “Book Review…The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep”

Book Review—Cruelty Free Living by Jennifer Thomson

    Living Cruelty Free is a much-needed guide full of tips and advice on how to start making more informed choices as a consumer, living a cruelty-free lifestyle, and perhaps even becoming a vegetarian  This book sparked my interest because I have begun a journey to embrace a more cruelty-free, natural, and minimalistic lifestyle. TheContinue reading “Book Review—Cruelty Free Living by Jennifer Thomson”

Stepping Out the Door In Well Read Shoes

Another resolution that I have made for this New Year is to actually put some time into studying the Bible for myself. But not only is my Father’s house a big, big house with lots of rooms…the Bible is a big, big book with lots and lots of chapters and verses and ideas. Being aContinue reading “Stepping Out the Door In Well Read Shoes”