Let’s All Get Naked Together

I’m from the deepest part of the Deep South…a part of the United States quite famous for fried foods and excellent homemade desserts consisting of the Holy Trinity of Southern cooking—cream cheese, Cool Whip, and heavy cream—and big huge breakfasts consisting of lots of bacon and pancakes smothered with lots and lots of syrup. ButContinue reading “Let’s All Get Naked Together”

Beta-Carotene…The Why

  Before jumping in to which fruits and veggies on the Raw Foods Pyramid give you the most beta-carotene, let’s look at reasons why you should start adding those brightly colored foods to our diet…       Age-related macular degeneration, also known as AMD, an eye disease that leads to vision loss in older adults…ThereContinue reading “Beta-Carotene…The Why”

Cream of the Crop…Veggies

Now that we’ve taken a look at which fruits you should be buying in organic form, let’s consider veggies. The following veggies are ones that you really should be buying in organic form…   ******* Celery More than 95% percent of the celery sampled by the EWG contained up to 13 chemicals….so this is anotherContinue reading “Cream of the Crop…Veggies”

Making the Perfect Corn Smoothie

 But at this time during our slow crawl up the Raw Foods Pyramid….ans in my own  quest not only to eat healthier, but also to change our family’s eating habits now that my husband has been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic…if I would stop going on so many different tangents, that is…we really shouldContinue reading “Making the Perfect Corn Smoothie”

Broccoli…The Why Else

Let’s look at some more reasons adding broccoli to your diet is beneficial… ***************** 1. Bones and Joints Broccoli contains many nutrients that have been shown to keep your bones and fjoints healthy and to help prevent bone-related disorders…. calcium …broccoli contains almost as much calcium as whole milk. phosphorus…6% DRV per cup vitamin A…11% RDV, in the formContinue reading “Broccoli…The Why Else”

Making the Perfect Cobbler

The perfect cobber is perfectly juicy, and sweet and has a perfectly crisp and tender top crust….served with a huge scoop of the perfect…(Blue Bell, perhaps)…vanilla ice cream…served straight out of the oven. But perhaps the best thing about cobbler is that it’s just so darn easy to make. Not only that, you can use whatever fruitContinue reading “Making the Perfect Cobbler”

Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips

Sure, grabbing a bag of potato chips is pretty much expected almost every trip to the grocvery store, but if you take the time to look at the ingredient listed on a bag of typical potato chips, you would be amazed at the ingredients listed…and perhaps get home and be disappointed to find that theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips”

Baking Soda and Skincare

We have already looked at using baking soda as a deodorant, but let’s now consider how baking soda can help you have glowing, healthy, youthful skin. Some of the ways that baking can be used as part of your regular skincare routine include working as… Age Spot Remover Cure for Itchy Skin Exfoliating Foot BathContinue reading “Baking Soda and Skincare”

Better Buy Some Beet Greens

The second type of leafy green that you might consider adding to your diet if you are changing your lifestyle to a Raw Foods Diet or have recently been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes…such as my husband has, which is why I even know that you can eat beet green right now… Beets, andContinue reading “Better Buy Some Beet Greens”

Yes, You Can Actually EAT Water

      Okay, so we all know now that water is important to our health for many different reasons…but sorry, water is still boring—even when “spiked” with spices and herbs… Is there any other option that can help us reach out daily recommended two liters of water per day? Fortunately yes…we can actually EATContinue reading “Yes, You Can Actually EAT Water”