Making a List…Checking It Twice

  I hate shopping….and I hate spending alot of money not sure that it will be worth it or not. And at this point in my gardening dreams, I want to be able to get as many creative ideas and as much inspiration as possible without spending a single penny that I don’t have to.Continue reading “Making a List…Checking It Twice”

Better Than the Wish Book Ever Was

So obviously after we’ve gotten our containers for our container gardening, we’re gonna need some plants to stuff in them…empty containers are just not that exciting, right?! So that’s where the catalog comes in…   The seed catalog, that is…     Seed catalogs offer a colorful glimpse into the past and  have a colorfulContinue reading “Better Than the Wish Book Ever Was”

Please Don’t Feed the Ducks

Okay, so we’ve been talking lately about breading stuff…but if you’re gonna “bread” stuff, you’re probably gonna need one more thing—bread… Go figure!!! Actually you are gonna probably need breadcrumbs… Last time I cleaned out my pantry, I realized that I had twelve canisters of store-bought breadcrumbs…don’t judge…right now in my quest for a healthierContinue reading “Please Don’t Feed the Ducks”

Kimchi—The What Else—Gochujang

Another well-known Korean specialty ingredient to look for while surfing Korean websites or walking through an Asian market is gochujang. Gochujang is a dark red chili paste with a savory, sweet, and spicy flavor and a thick and sticky texture. This fermented condiment is made from the following ingredients… Red Chili Powder…This chili powder is made fromContinue reading “Kimchi—The What Else—Gochujang”

How to Be Kind on Cyber Monday

    One of the first steps to making a lifestyle change is finding websites and actual stores where you feel comfortable shopping for cosmetics and skincare. Below is my rendition of an online shopping guide for online sources  primarily focused on vegan and vegan-friendly cosmetics and skincare. *****         1.   Citrine Brands…Jane Iredale,Continue reading “How to Be Kind on Cyber Monday”