Making the Perfect Onion Rings

So our next recipe in our discussion of deep frying is how to make the perfect onion rings to serve with ‘kid-friendly foods” such as burgers…or as an appetizer…or simply because they’re so dad-gum good…(but probably not too good for you, right?) The perfect onion rings have been double dipped in a batter that is seasoned to perfection. …theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Onion Rings”

Now What?

Now it is time to add some sort of oil to your skillet and actually start cooking your onions. As far as which oil, that’s left to you…but some choices include olive oil, butter You want to coat the bottom of the pan. Use 1tsp per onion. If you use too much oil, the onionsContinue reading “Now What?”

How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking

Now we’ve covered all the different steps involved in our first cooking method—sauteeing. But before we move on to our next cooking method and slowly re-begin our crawl through the raw foods pyramid, I’d like to review the method…by telling you how to caramelize onions… Caramelizing an onion brings out the natural rich and savory sweetnessContinue reading “How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking”

Veggie Tells—Using Vegetables in Soups

There are many ingredients that could be added to your “stone soup” to make a meal fit for a king…or a diabetic husband. These could include… Aromatic vegetables such as onions, celery and mushrooms…to  add rich flavor Chiles…to give your soup a little “kick” Citrus peels and juice…to brighten and lift flavor Fats such as butterContinue reading “Veggie Tells—Using Vegetables in Soups”