Making the Perfect Onion Rings

So our next recipe in our discussion of deep frying is how to make the perfect onion rings to serve with ‘kid-friendly foods” such as burgers…or as an appetizer…or simply because they’re so dad-gum good…(but probably not too good for you, right?) The perfect onion rings have been double dipped in a batter that is seasoned to perfection. …theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Onion Rings”

Batter Up

The What When we were pan-frying, we typically used breading… But now that we are deepfrying, we’re most likely to be using a batter instead. Batters will give youf food a lighter, thinner style coating…instead of  the thicker, heavier coating associarted with breading. Batters also consist of the same ingredients as breading—flour, egg, and milk orContinue reading “Batter Up”