Ah, Love Oil

After the breading material are set up and you have finish3d breading your food you can finally start cooking. You should have already set up and start heating your oil by now…perhaps I shouuld have posted this earlidr, but let’s talk about which oiil you should be using to fry your food in. —————————– SmokepointContinue reading “Ah, Love Oil”

Best Cooking Oils to Use for Diabetics

The next step in our learning how to saute food is choosing which oil we would like to cook in. There are at least a dozen choices out there…each of which not only affects the final taste of your food, but also your health—even more so as a diabetic. Let’s take a look at someContinue reading “Best Cooking Oils to Use for Diabetics”

 Articles On Argan Oil…What Is Argan Oil?!

Argan oil has seemed to be a huge buzzword for hair products for quite a while now, but what exactly is “argan oil”?   Argan oil comes from argan kernels, which come from argan nuts, which come from argan fruit, which come from argan trees, which come only from the argan forest of southwest Morroco.Continue reading ” Articles On Argan Oil…What Is Argan Oil?!”