Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign

The Anjui region is an inland area located in East China. The region surrounds the Huangshan Mountain, also referred to as Yellow Mountains. The region consists of many different types of terrain—including not only these mounjtains, but also forests and farmland. Anhui cuisine revolves around wild plants and animals, very similar to Fujian cuisine that we talking aboutContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign”

Veggie Tells—Using Vegetables in Soups

There are many ingredients that could be added to your “stone soup” to make a meal fit for a king…or a diabetic husband. These could include… Aromatic vegetables such as onions, celery and mushrooms…to  add rich flavor Chiles…to give your soup a little “kick” Citrus peels and juice…to brighten and lift flavor Fats such as butterContinue reading “Veggie Tells—Using Vegetables in Soups”

Not Only Can You EAT Water…You Can Also DRINK Mushrooms

    In the previous posts of the different types of coffee, one stood head and shoulders above the rest as far as most interesting…one that I had never even heard of—mushroom coffee. As I said in that post, mushroom is simply regular coffee that has been infused with medicinal mushroom extract powders. Mushroom extract powders canContinue reading “Not Only Can You EAT Water…You Can Also DRINK Mushrooms”