Back Where I’m From, Sweet Tea Flows Like Water

In an earlier post, we had look at the best teas for helping you get to sleep, but this time let’s look at tea as far as helping you stay hydrated. Later as we move up the pyramid, we’ll then look at tea again as we clean out our spice cabinet and learn what’s reallyContinue reading “Back Where I’m From, Sweet Tea Flows Like Water”

Making the Switch to a “Cruelty-Free” Lifestyle (without making it cruel to you yourself)

Legally, laboratory animals form a special category of animals and are not currently protected from ordinary animal abuse and cruelty laws. But if enough of us speak up loudly enough, perhaps this fact could be changed.     Making positive changes and choices–one decision at a time, one individual at a time–always impacts more thanContinue reading “Making the Switch to a “Cruelty-Free” Lifestyle (without making it cruel to you yourself)”

Baking from Scratch 101

The first breading that we are going to look at is for… Baking Soda Batter… Why? Because most of us have had it sitting in our pantry or fridge for how long without knowing what to do with it? There is sits, day after day, week after week…sad and lonely. Yet this big yellow boxContinue reading “Baking from Scratch 101”

The Best Fry Station in the Nation

So far we have covered three cooking methods—sauteeing, stirfrying, and pan frying—Now we begin our fourth cooking method—deep frying. So far in your minimalist kitchen, there are several things that you should have either kept, updated, or bought… As far what you should have in your minimalist kitchen at this point, you should have… CookieContinue reading “The Best Fry Station in the Nation”

Ah, Love Oil

After the breading material are set up and you have finish3d breading your food you can finally start cooking. You should have already set up and start heating your oil by now…perhaps I shouuld have posted this earlidr, but let’s talk about which oiil you should be using to fry your food in. —————————– SmokepointContinue reading “Ah, Love Oil”

The Eentsy Weentsy Spider Went Into the Frying Pan

My husband and I have been married, and most night making dinner for about thirt-five years now..but there’s one thing that I have noticed. I tend to gravitate toward those cooking methods that do not require you to stand by the stove for forty-five minutes “keeping an eye” on something…and actually lean more towards stirringContinue reading “The Eentsy Weentsy Spider Went Into the Frying Pan”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign

Sichuan cuisine is the most unique of the eight main regional cuisines. Famed for its bold flavors and use of strong spices, this cuisine was strongly influenced by Indian cuisine. As foreigners, including Buddhist missionaries and Spanish traders, began travelling through this landlocked, mountain-ringed province along China’s famous “Silk Route.” they introduced the locals to the characteristic spicy flavors of Indian cuisine. TheContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign

Cantonese cuisine is the most familiar type of Chinese cuisine and one of the most widely served styles of Chinese cuisine in the world. One reason for this is the fact that so many people from this region have immigrated to the United States, London, Calcutta, and many other countries.   Cantonese cuisine was the first type ofContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign”

Which Kind of Fry Guy are You?!

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO YOUR NEXT FRY-UP Recently we talked about the method of cooking called sauteeing, which is a type of frying…but did you know that there are actually several different types of frying… These include… Stirfrying Panfrying Shallow Frying Deep Frying Let’s take a quick look at each of these different methods, beforeContinue reading “Which Kind of Fry Guy are You?!”

How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance

Now that you’ve gotten rid of whatever it might have been making your kitchen smell terrible and taken the time to clean out the fridge and shelves from rotten food, it’s time for a more fun thing to do…enhance the odors around your home. Here are a few ideas… Air Freshener…Use plug-in air fresheners, standContinue reading “How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance”