Orange You Glad You Bought An Orange

Pretty much all of us already know what the citrus fruits are…lemons, limes, and oranges…duh… But do you know why you should be sticking them in your grocery cart and actually eating them instead of simply setting them out on your counter because they look pretty. First of all, what makes a citrus fruit aContinue reading “Orange You Glad You Bought An Orange”

Fish…The What

Fish is another food high in antioxidants and other nutritional value, but it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed at the fish counter. You want to buy the tastiest, healthiest, and most sustainable choice…but truth is, they all look the same to the normal grocery shopper, right?! First we’re going to take a look at theContinue reading “Fish…The What”

Eggplant…The Why

Another food that is high in antioxidants is eggplant. In fact, almost all fruits and vegetables with such a bll of right color are great sources of antioxidants. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of adding this purple football to our diets. ************* Brain Power The skin of the eggplant can make youContinue reading “Eggplant…The Why”

Dark Chocolate…The Why

Dark chocolate, especially any 70% dark chocolate or higher, contains many nutrients—such as antioxidants, fiber, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium that may help lower your risk of heart disease, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, and improve brain function, alleviate stress, and lower your risk of diabetes. *************** Antioxidants   Dark chocolate contains numerous antioxidants…in fact darkContinue reading “Dark Chocolate…The Why”

Broccoli…The Why Else

Let’s look at some more reasons adding broccoli to your diet is beneficial… ***************** 1. Bones and Joints Broccoli contains many nutrients that have been shown to keep your bones and fjoints healthy and to help prevent bone-related disorders…. calcium …broccoli contains almost as much calcium as whole milk. phosphorus…6% DRV per cup vitamin A…11% RDV, in the formContinue reading “Broccoli…The Why Else”

You Mean There Actually Are Other Leafy Greens Besides Iceberg?

So we’ve decided to raise the bar on our salad bar… And learned that as far as nutrition goes, iceberg lettuce is at the bottom of the totem pole… But what leafy green is out there lurking at the local grocery store or farmer’s market? Below is a list of several varieties that you couldContinue reading “You Mean There Actually Are Other Leafy Greens Besides Iceberg?”

Let Us Talk About Lettuce

Whether you are a diabetic or on a diet or a vegetarian or raw foods advocate, it might seem like you are eating salad night after night after night…not to mention for lunch also. But the same old salad made the same old lettuce can get extremely boring…extremely… So why not add some variety toContinue reading “Let Us Talk About Lettuce”