Roast for the Most

As far as prepping your vegetables to go into your soup there are at least four trains of thought… You can either add them without cooking them first, boil or steam them, saute them, or roast them. Roasting is perhaps your best opption because roasting caramelizes the vegetables’ natural sugars to bring out a deliciousContinue reading “Roast for the Most”

Eating for Health

Even the most expensive organic beauty products…with the very best ingredients…will end up doing hardly any good at all If your diet consists only of milkshakes and hamburgers. Diet, life,and attitude also play an important role in how your skin looks and feels as you get older. (Just as before when I confessed that IContinue reading “Eating for Health”

14 Cruelty-Free Blogs to Help Get Out from Lifestyle-Change Fogs

    First deciding to make the change to a different lifestyle-–whether it be cruelty-free beauty, veganism or vegetarian, mndful living, or even a minimalistic lifestyle—can be a bit overwhelming. If our goal is to actually change our way of living, and not simply claim to have picked up on such lifestyles because they just happenContinue reading “14 Cruelty-Free Blogs to Help Get Out from Lifestyle-Change Fogs”

10 Smart Ways to Hide Your Stash

    Having and owning a good makeup organizer, where you can keep all your cosmetics, helps you find that one perfect eyeliner or lipstick that you want when you want it…and will save you lots of precious time as you get dressed each morning.  Here is a list of ten of the best acrylic makeupContinue reading “10 Smart Ways to Hide Your Stash”