Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign

Sichuan cuisine is the most unique of the eight main regional cuisines. Famed for its bold flavors and use of strong spices, this cuisine was strongly influenced by Indian cuisine. As foreigners, including Buddhist missionaries and Spanish traders, began travelling through this landlocked, mountain-ringed province along China’s famous “Silk Route.” they introduced the locals to the characteristic spicy flavors of Indian cuisine. TheContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign”

How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance

Now that you’ve gotten rid of whatever it might have been making your kitchen smell terrible and taken the time to clean out the fridge and shelves from rotten food, it’s time for a more fun thing to do…enhance the odors around your home. Here are a few ideas… Air Freshener…Use plug-in air fresheners, standContinue reading “How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance”

How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Eliminate

I have heard so many women advise new brides that If you haven’t started dinner before your husband comes home from work, start cooking some onions…and they will think that you have been cooking for hours. I know that times have changed… But onions haven’t changed… And neither have odors throughout your home…unless you doContinue reading “How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Eliminate”

Why Being Organized in the Kitchen Matters

As with any goal, you can spend way too much time… analyzing every tool offered online dreaming that the job was already done talking to others thinking about what would be the best way to get started reading every article and book in sight about your goal wishing that someone else could or would doContinue reading “Why Being Organized in the Kitchen Matters”

What’s Next?

Everyone seems to be studying and talking about the “Kon Mari” method of organizijng your home…and “Tidying U” has become one of the most watched things on Netflix… But why does this matter for those who are not obsessive-comulsive… Actually there are several reasons to take the time, thought, and effort to organize your house,Continue reading “What’s Next?”