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Blazers and Jackets


Blazers are a basic wardrobe staple that can be worn as a casual light jacket or as a part of a more conservative business outfit. But finding a blazer that provides the best fit or that flatters you as well as it could can be a bit confusing.

The wide range of styles, cuts, and colors that women’s blazers are available in makes it possible for any woman to find a blazer that can provide an effortless finish to almost any outfit and  any event

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the perfect blazer.


Bust…Finding a blazer that is not too tight or loose across the bust area  can often one of the most challenging steps in finding the perfect blazer.

If the blazer is too tight, it will be difficult to button…if the blazer is too loose, you will end up with an overly draped look and a significant amount of bunching.

Look for a blazer that goes across half of a breast on each side of the blazer.


The number of buttons on a blazer will affect both the blazer’s fit and form.

The “stance,”. the highest point where the buttons are, should be considered when shopping for the perfect blazer.

Each type of “stance” looks different on each of the different body types. For example, if you have a larger bust, choose a blazer with a higher “stance”-a blazer that has two or three buttons.

The higher the “stance,” the more buttons you will find…A blazer that has a high stance might have three buttons..A blazer that has a low stance might only have one button.

When shopping for the perfect blazer, consider your body type and the drawbacks and benefits of each type of blazer.

Open-front blazers, like the one above from Orvis, have a draped looked and are very flattering for women with larger bust sizes. Belted blazers, also have no buttons, but create a more structured straight or peplum look that adds more definition to your waist.

One-Button Blazers...One-button blazers are more casual, but also the trickiest to wear. The single button must sit perfectly at the narrowest part of your waist. A one-button blazer that fits poorly can look awkward and be  uncomfortable. An example of a perfectly-fitted one-button blazer would be the one above from Tahari.

Two-Button Blazer...The two-button blazer, like this one from Varani Formal Wear will fall more smoothly and is more appropriate for work.

Three-Button Blazers...Three-button blazers, like this one from Sears, are best for taller women because the buttons sit higher on the blazer.The more buttons the blazer has, the more likely that the blazer will hold you in and stay in place.

Four- and Multi-Button Blazers…Women’s blazers, like this one from Alie Express, often have four or more buttons, with a higher “stance.” open too much at the bust as you go and are the better choice for large-breasted women.

Color and Pattern

There are all sorts of colors and patterns available—ranging from classic colors like black, gray, and navy blue to crazy colors like purple and neon yellow…from neutral stripes and plaids to bright floral prints and wild animal patterns.

Since our goal is to create a minimalistic practical wardrobe, focus on the basic colors first.



The style and fit of the lapel can also affect the overall look of your blazer. Larger lapels create more bulk on top and shorten the overall look.

The size of the lapel should be in proportion to your figure. Petites generally look better in blazers with smaller lapels.


Women’s blazers can vary greatly in length. The most common and classic length stops at your hipbone…but depending on your figure, you may look better in slightly longer or slightly shorter jacket lengths.

Cropped Blazers
…Cropped blazers that are an inch or less above your waist are extremely casual. Cropped lengths look best when paired with pants or skirts that have a higher waist, .with longer tops, or with a well fitting dress.

Waist-Length Blazers
…Waist-length blazers are more casual than slightly longer blazers and are very flattering on all body types because they draw attention to your waist.

Hip-Length Blazers…
Hip-length blazers are the most traditional length and are very flattering…but women with very wide hips should avoid this cut.

Long Blazers…
Longer blazers look best paired with a more fitted bottom, such as slim fit jeans.


The fabric that makes up a blazer will greatly affect the blazer’s quality and the blazer’s price. Each fabric will have its own characteristics, so it is important to be familiar with each type of material.

  • 1.  Blends…Blended fabrics are very common for blazers because the natural fibers make the fabric of the blazer feel richer and breathe better, but the synthetic fibers help cut down the cost of the blazer.
  • 2.  Corduroy…Corduroy is typically velvet fabric woven in small, parallel rows. Corduroy blazers are typically seen as being very academic and are great for daily use.
  • 3.  Cotton…Cotton blazers are best for warm weather.
  • 4.  Knit…Knit blazers are usually designed to fit snugly like a sweater. Knit blazers are less formal than the standard blazer and are great for petites.
  • 5.  Lace…Lace blazers can be are a great choice for weddings or other special events…but as a minimalist, are you ever actually going to wear it?
  • 6.  Linen …Linen is typically associated with summer blazers. It is lightweight and very breathable. Most often, it is used in its neutral, beige color although some women’s styles used dyed linen. While linen has a crisp, refreshing feel, it wrinkles very easily, and some women will find it difficult to take care of.
  • 7. Satin…Satin usually has a shiny, smooth finish that isn’t appropriate for work…so cross that off my capsule wardrobe list.
  • 8.  Silk…Silk blazers are expensive, but can be worn year round. Silk is incredibly soft and “breathes” very well.
  • 9. Synthetics…Blazers made from synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are usually much cheaper than blazers made from natural fibers, such as wool. These blazers are are actually affordable, not investment pieces like wool Blazers and cashmere sweaters. option.
  • 10.  Velvet..Velvet can be made from many different types of fibers. The fibers ar woven so that one side is made up of many short, soft threads called the “pile. ” Velvet is extremely soft and has a slight shine.  Even though velvet blazers aren’t gonna be worn to work, they are still a smart buy because they can be dressed up for holiday parties or dressed down with jeans for a night on the town.
  • 11.  Wool…Wool blazers and suits are very professional-looking. Wool blazers are always a smart choice.


Pockets can make or break a blazer. Small pockets do not distract from the silhouette of the blazer as do larger pockets.. Bulky or patch pockets add bulk to the hips.


All blazers have at least a little bit of  padding at the shoulder, because this padding is honestly what gives the blazer its shape.

Removing the shoulder pads can change both the fit and drape of the blazer. Remember, you can always replace the shoulder pads if you need to.

The seams of the shoulder should be as close to the end of your shoulders as possible.

If the shoulders are too wide, you will look too broad-shouldered and the sleeve will begin too far down your arm, possibly causing restriction in arm movement and causing your shoulder bag to start pulling your blazer down from the shoulder.

If the shoulders are too small, you may not be able to raise your arms or move around comfortably.

When trying on a blazer, stand near a wall and slowly lean against it.

If the shoulder pad hits the wall first and scrunches up, it’s too big.

If the shoulder pad and your natural shoulder Both touch the wall at the same time, it’s a good fit.

If your natural shoulder rests against the wall but the shoulder pad does not, it’s too small.

Reaching across your body with one arm to grab the opposite arm can also give you a good idea as to whether to go ahead and buy the blazer or not.



The sleeves of your blazer are also important to take into account when shopping for a blazer.

Ideally, the sleeves of your blazers should end at the joint where your thumb connects at your wrist.

Sleeves should also run close to your arm for a slim, sleek look. A wide sleeve can look bunchy and make the blazer look boxy.


Types of jackets and blazers worth investing in are…

  • Blazers for work
  • Denim jackets
  • Safari jackets
  • Tuxedo jackets



Creating a Home

10 Smart Ways to Hide Your Stash

Having and owning a good makeup organizer, where you can keep all your cosmetics, helps you find that one perfect eyeliner or lipstick that you want when you want it…and will save you lots of precious time as you get dressed each morning. 

Here is a list of ten of the best acrylic makeup organizers available…each guaranteed to make a minimalist neat freak like me as happy as a lark.

    1.  Beautify Extra Large 8 Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Cube Organizer with 7 Drawers .

    • Design… eight tier design with seven smooth easy-slide drawers with handles…upper compartment with hinged flip top lid… two removable dividers
    • Price…$110
    • Size… 12″ x 12″ x 20″

    2.  Cq acrylic Kardashian Large Beauty Cube 5 Tier Drawers Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

    1. Design…:1st draw- 4cm deep with 6 sections ,2nd draw- 4cm deep with 3 sections, 3rd draw- 4cm deep with 2 sections ,4th draw- 4cm deep open space ,5th draw- 7cm deep open space
    2. Price: $79.99
    3. Size…10″x10″x11″

    3.  Home-it Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer

    • Design…3 large drawers for large accessories, a chest for jewelry, and an organizer at the top
    • Price…$30
    • Size…10″x 6″x 7.7”


    4.  Ikee Design Luxury Cosmetic Makeup Acrylic Organizer With Two-Sided Mirror

    • Design…compartments in a multitude of shapes and sizes…2-sided   detachable magnifying mirror 
    • Price…$48
    • Size…15″x 9″x 11.2″

    5. InterDesign 3 Drawer Storage Organizer.

    • Design…three pull-out drawers
    • Price…$63.28
    • Size… 6.5″x 6.5″x 6.5″  

    6. Ohuhu, Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizer

    • Design…an organizer at the top and four drawers
    • Price…$16
    • Size…9.4″ x 7.4″ x 5.5” 

    7.  Organizta Chic Box

    • Design…several deep drawers that are stacked together
    • Price…$65
    • Size…7″x7″x10″

    8.  Songmics Cosmetic/Makeup Organizer…

    • Design…11 sections with multiple sections and 7 drawers 
    • Price…$30
    • Size.. 9 1/2″x 5 7/8″x 11 3/4″ 


    9.  Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

    1. Design…four wide drawers and two small sized drawers 
    2. Price…
    3. Size…9.5″x 11.2″ x 6.2″


    10.  US Acrylic LLC, 2-Pack Premium Quality Stackable Cosmetic Storage…

    • Design…2-pack unit of stackable drawers 
    • Price…$30
    • Size… each drawer measures 6″x 7-7/8″x4-1/2″



      Getting Dressed

      10 More Books Every Woman with a Lipstick or Two in Her Purse Should Read


      Books are my passion…well, books rank right up there with Netflix and cooking. But just like movies, if I am not learning something, I usually find the book or movie to be a total waste of time…

      And so books also play a role in this year’s resolution  to channel my inner fashion diva…(or at least to look pretty darn good to be a grandmother the age that I am)…

      Fortunately there are more than a few books about fashion and makeup that have been written by makeup artists, passionate stylists, and beauty editors that are the best possible sources of advice anywhere.

      These books can help you determine exactly what you want from your makeup stash and how to get there, such as my goal of creating an easier and faster everyday makeup routine…teach you what colors work best for your skin, eye, hair color, and lifestyle…tell you how to make application easier…and show you some of the most tried, tested and true fashionable looks.


      1.  About Face...

      • Author…Scott Barnes…makeup artists who has worked with A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez
      • Look for…plenty of good quality, beautiful pictures with various makeovers, showing before and after photos…how to contour the face using lighter and darker shades of foundation…how to apply foundation, contour, highlight…how to create the most gorgeous smoky eyes… must-have makeup items, beauty rituals and even inner preparations that every lady should know to radiate charisma and charm.

      2.  Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques * Essential Tools * Gorgeous Makeup Look...

      • Author…Bobbi Brown
      • Look for…the tools she recommends…techniques for the very popular, sexy, smoky eyes to the eyes that must sparkle at the party…a must-have book that covers everything basic to eye care to that signature look behind specs.

      3.  Express Makeup

      • Author…Rae Morris
      • Look for…makeup secrets and various techniques learned over the years of doing makeup looks for major international runway shows

      4.  Face to face...

      • Author…Scott Barnes
      • Look for….unique and beautiful makeup looks suitable for various occasions


      5.  How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor’s Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank

      • Author…Andrea Pomerantz Lustig
      • Look for…tips for women who need to look ultra expensive while staying on a budget….secrets that help readers to achieve luminous skin, flawless makeup application, and a whole lot more…how to get expensive hair at an inexpensive salon

       6.  Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success


      • Author…Michelle Phan
      • Look for…aimed at the girls who are 15 to 25 years old

      7. Making Faces

      • Author…Kevyn Aucoin
      • Look for…the basics of makeup…the techniques of simple application…the fundamentals on how to create a wide range of looks…hints, tricks and techniques that cover beauty basics to advanced techniques on how to redefine your face, your eyes and your lips

      8.  Makeup makeovers in 5 10 15 20 Minutes.

      • Author…Robert Jones
      • Look for…how to create different looks based on how much time you can spend


      9.  Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of professional techniques and wearable looks…Jemma Kidd …“

      • Author…Jemma Kidd
      • Look for…step-by-step instructions on how to enhance the features of the face and how to become even more beautiful and confident with the help of cosmetics…incredible makeup tips and tricks that you can use with confidence in your every day life…how she works with various color schemes and latest trends to create unforgettable makeup looks for any time of the day…how some intense, sophisticated and “extreme” looks can be toned down and adapted for everyday wear

       10.  Makeup your mind, express yourself.

      •  Author..Francois Nars
      • Look for…amazing pictures of various makeovers…beautiful before and after photos of makeup looks with clear schemes of which products have been used on a model…signature looks…how to achieve them