Macro Facts About Microfiber

Another choice that would be more “correct” in what has become our global effort at saving our environment, creating “greener” homes, and doing our role as a responsible member of current society than using ordinary Brawny would be microfiber cloths.¬† Microfiber cloths are more commonly used in Europe than here in the United States becauseContinue reading “Macro Facts About Microfiber”

Wood You Rather

If you don’t want to fork over the money for a good wood cutting board, or you like other surfaces instead of wood, there are many choices available. The main second choice would be plastic. There are both advantages and disadvantages of these boards. Advantages include… affordable are priced economically available in many sizes can beContinue reading “Wood You Rather”

10 More Uses for Mineral Oil Around Your Home

As we start building our kitchen one item at a time and crawling our way along the Raw Foods pyramid at a snail’s pace, so far we only have three items in our dream home… A saute pan A spatula A cutting board And in the last post we saw that we should also buyContinue reading “10 More Uses for Mineral Oil Around Your Home”

Seasoning and Maintaining Your New Wood Cutting Board

Before using a new wood cutting board, you should take the time to¬†properly season your cutting board. In fact, you should oil your boards about once a month in order to keep wood cutting boards in good condition.     Seasoning your wood cutting board regularly will help prevent staining, warping, and cracking.   WhenContinue reading “Seasoning and Maintaining Your New Wood Cutting Board”

Back to Bok

Okay, the last few articles have been an attempt to start writing about home organization, but lately I have been thinking more about this and have decided that the one thing I want to accomplish as I write is to teach, if only to myself, better cooking methods and the raw foods….especially now that myContinue reading “Back to Bok”