Making the Perfect Apple Bread

Two groups of people really irritate me to no end…those who can cook without a recipe and those who can play piano by ear.     As for myself, I obviously can’t do either…and can hardly do either even with a recipe or sheet music.     But there are certain recipes that can beContinue reading “Making the Perfect Apple Bread”

Facts to Never Forget about Frying Foods

For years I have honestly been afraid to deep fry. Seemed liike every single time I tried to fry something, I end up getting splashed with hot grease and my hysband ends up finishing the job. I laugh and say that he cookes on top of the stove, and I cook in the oven. ButContinue reading “Facts to Never Forget about Frying Foods”

Chicken Parm Here at the Farm

    I am a piano player….I have been playing piano for about 45 years now…I play all the time for all sorts of people…yet I can’t play anything if it’s not already been written out and placed in front of me… In other words, I can’t play by ear or transpose…lost my full scholarshipContinue reading “Chicken Parm Here at the Farm”

Pan-frying…Chicken Fried Steak

  Okay, now that I have totally tempted any of my health-conscious or diabetic readers by reminding them that there are such delicious foods as fried chicken left in this world…or evenĀ grossed out my vegan readers by suggesting that they eat chicken in the first place…remember that my goal right now is to walk youContinue reading “Pan-frying…Chicken Fried Steak”

Which Kind of Fry Guy are You?!

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO YOUR NEXT FRY-UP Recently we talked about the method of cooking called sauteeing, which is a type of frying…but did you know that there are actually several different types of frying… These include… Stirfrying Panfrying Shallow Frying Deep Frying Let’s take a quick look at each of these different methods, beforeContinue reading “Which Kind of Fry Guy are You?!”