Cedarwood Essential Oil—Great for Your Skin

In the last post, we learned that cedarwood essential oil is great for your hair—especially in treating dandruff and dry scalp, preventing hair loss, and encouraging hair growth. Cedarwood essential oil is also great for your skin.┬áThe fresh, earthy aroma and the calming effect of cedarwood essential oil will make you want to use theContinue reading “Cedarwood Essential Oil—Great for Your Skin”

My Angle on Tangles

We all want healthy, shiny hair–free from common hair problems such as static, grease, and limpness–and are willing to change shampoos, styling products, and even how we blow dry or straighten our hair in order to get it. But perhaps the real barrier keeping us all from having this beautiful, shiny hair is an everydayContinue reading “My Angle on Tangles”

Now What?!

Once you have finished taking your shower, it is crucial that you take the time to “pamper” your skin and hair. the better and healthier both your skin and your hair will be. Since a post-shower routine is so important in maintaining the health of your hair and skin, let’s talk about the things thatContinue reading “Now What?!”