Great Advice for Buying Grapes

When shopping for grapes, there are three questions that you should ask yourself… 1.  Are the grapes organic? 2.  Are the grapes fully ripe? How can I tell? 3.  What color are the grapes? What’s the difference?       ************************ 1.  Are the grapes organic? One of my goals in adopting a healthier lifestyle and learningContinue reading “Great Advice for Buying Grapes”

Grapes…The Why

Like all other fruits, grapes contain several beneficial nutrients—such as fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. For example, one cup of grapes provides more than a fourth of the RDI for vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin vital for blood clotting and healthy bones…as well as vitamin C, necessary for bone and connective tissue health. Another nutrientContinue reading “Grapes…The Why”