Making Marvelous Muesli

So now that we know what muesli is…how do we make our own…and what do we do with it once we have it made?! Making your own muesli is super easy and takes only about five minutes to go…a perfect combination of nuts, seeds, and oats that is perfectly healthy and perfectly filling.     ********* TheContinue reading “Making Marvelous Muesli”

Muesli…The What

Breakfast of Champions?! Yeah right… It’s gonna take way more than a bowl or two of cereal to make anyone a “champion”—things such as self-discipline, determination, and experience… But this is not a motivational blohg…and I am by no means a motivational speaker… I am simply a wife and mother is who is trying toContinue reading “Muesli…The What”

Making the Perfect Amaranth “Granola Bars”

School is starting back the Monday following this Monday…and that adds stress to everyone’s schedule… The fact that we are moving next Friday is also adding stress to my daily existence right now. I keep debating whether or not I should share this journey here on my blog, but I keep going off on tangentsContinue reading “Making the Perfect Amaranth “Granola Bars””