Mastering Ministrone

So now that we’ve bought the perfect pot, found the perfect recie, bought the best veggies, sliced and diced, and so forth… Now what? 1.Constantly keep an eye on your soup while it is cooking. This will allow you to  adjust the spices and cooking temperature as needed. 2. Cook on low heat. Don’t thinkContinue reading “Mastering Ministrone”

Muesli…The What

Breakfast of Champions?! Yeah right… It’s gonna take way more than a bowl or two of cereal to make anyone a “champion”—things such as self-discipline, determination, and experience… But this is not a motivational blohg…and I am by no means a motivational speaker… I am simply a wife and mother is who is trying toContinue reading “Muesli…The What”

Visions of Veganism—Eggs

Another ingredient that I am having to learn to replace whenever I am cooking for my vegan daughter is eggs….and out most favorite dessert, Sour Cream Pound Cake, calls for six eggs. And eggs are too important to simply omit because they serve many different purposes…such as… adding moisture to your finished project binding the differentContinue reading “Visions of Veganism—Eggs”

Making the Perfect Muesli Bread

In the last post, we learned how to “make the perfect muesli”…but let’s bump it up a notch by using our muesli to “make the perfect muesli bread.” The perfect muesli bread is a fragrant loaf chock full of all sorts of dried fruit and whole nuts….crunchy and crusty on the outside …warm, soft, and chewyContinue reading “Making the Perfect Muesli Bread”

Every Mom Knows the “Best” Thing of Waking Up Is Definitely NOT Coffee

  I am so not a morning person…definitely NOT a morning person. In fact, I am so not a morning person that the Friday before the “resident fivec year old” starts kindergarten, we are moving right smack dab across the street from his elementary school… So close in fact that you can spit at the frontContinue reading “Every Mom Knows the “Best” Thing of Waking Up Is Definitely NOT Coffee”