Visions of Veganism—Eggs

Another ingredient that I am having to learn to replace whenever I am cooking for my vegan daughter is eggs….and out most favorite dessert, Sour Cream Pound Cake, calls for six eggs. And eggs are too important to simply omit because they serve many different purposes…such as… adding moisture to your finished project binding the differentContinue reading “Visions of Veganism—Eggs”

Amaranth…The Why

So now that you know what amaranth is, why should you care…what is the nutritional benefit…why should you add amaranth to your diet…why is amaranth considered a superfood? Amaranth is a “relative” of other extremely healthy foods that you probbly already have added to your diet, possibly from birth—such as beets, spinach, and quinoa, Amaranth isContinue reading “Amaranth…The Why”

Amaranth…The What

The other day as I was making my sandwich for lunch, I noticed that my bread was called “Ancient Grain”…I thought to myself, wonder what that means…hope it doesn’t mean that my bread has been around since ancient times…if that were the case, the bread would probably be stale…and the sandwich would probably make meContinue reading “Amaranth…The What”