Making the Perfect Apple Fritters

Even though this is supposedly a blog about the Raw Foods Pyramid and changes that I am making in our diet every since my husband was diagnosed with type 2 cancer… A girl has to do what a girl has to do… And right now that Mississippi girl has to fry something…(not to mention thatContinue reading “Making the Perfect Apple Fritters”

Making the Perfect Fried Catfish

I grew up two hours from the town of Belzoni, Mississippi…the “Catfish Capital of the World” and spent so much time both fishing for and eating catfish.   So trust me, fried catfish was a frequent meal at our house…(as well as all sorts of “critters” that you can’t find in your local grocery store) IfContinue reading “Making the Perfect Fried Catfish”

Making the Perfect Onion Rings

So our next recipe in our discussion of deep frying is how to make the perfect onion rings to serve with ‘kid-friendly foods” such as burgers…or as an appetizer…or simply because they’re so dad-gum good…(but probably not too good for you, right?) The perfect onion rings have been double dipped in a batter that is seasoned to perfection. …theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Onion Rings”

Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips

Sure, grabbing a bag of potato chips is pretty much expected almost every trip to the grocvery store, but if you take the time to look at the ingredient listed on a bag of typical potato chips, you would be amazed at the ingredients listed…and perhaps get home and be disappointed to find that theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips”

Baking from Scratch 101

The first breading that we are going to look at is for… Baking Soda Batter… Why? Because most of us have had it sitting in our pantry or fridge for how long without knowing what to do with it? There is sits, day after day, week after week…sad and lonely. Yet this big yellow boxContinue reading “Baking from Scratch 101”

Batter Up

The What When we were pan-frying, we typically used breading… But now that we are deepfrying, we’re most likely to be using a batter instead. Batters will give youf food a lighter, thinner style coating…instead of  the thicker, heavier coating associarted with breading. Batters also consist of the same ingredients as breading—flour, egg, and milk orContinue reading “Batter Up”

What In the Heck Is “Pullum Frontonianum”…(and what does it have to do with frying?)

At this point we have already learned about two bsasic cooking methods—sauteeing and pan-frying. The next dry-heat cooking method is deep frying. And living in Texas one of the highlights of each year is going to the State Fair to see just what new fried concoctions have been created this yrar. For example, here isContinue reading “What In the Heck Is “Pullum Frontonianum”…(and what does it have to do with frying?)”

Ah, Love Oil

After the breading material are set up and you have finish3d breading your food you can finally start cooking. You should have already set up and start heating your oil by now…perhaps I shouuld have posted this earlidr, but let’s talk about which oiil you should be using to fry your food in. —————————– SmokepointContinue reading “Ah, Love Oil”


Mushrooms… You either love them or hate them. My daughter and my best friend actually hate them…almost as much as they hate coconut. These poor girls…they don’t know what they’re missing… If only they could try one bite of very good Jägerschnitzel, they might change their minds.     Jagerschnitzel, which translates to “hunter’s schnitzel,” was actuallyContinue reading “Jaegerschnitzel”

Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook

Okay, so these last two posts have looked specifically at dredging your food in flour before frying… But before we leave the topic of flour, let’s talk about the different flours that are actually out there.   Typically when we thnk about flour, we all imagine the white stuff in the biggest canisteron the leftContinue reading “Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook”