Making the Perfect Beignets

My husband and I were stationed about ten years ago at Fort Polk, Louisiana. This was interesting. Being from Mississippi, you would think that I would be right at home in the Deep South… But…   Louisiana is a whole different world… And Louisiana has some of the best food in the country… Especially theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Beignets”

Making the Perfect Beer-Battered Fish

The next type of batter is beer batter…and whenever we think about beer batter…most of us think immediately of beer-battered fish. The perfect beer-battered fish has both great crunch and great flavor.,..¬†perfectly golden brown and crispy on the outside…flaky on the inside…served with the perfect coleslaw….(recipe coming soon)…or perhaps¬†potato chips, or fries instead…tartar sauce…lemon wedges…maltContinue reading “Making the Perfect Beer-Battered Fish”

Pan-Frying 101

Okay, I know that this is ultimately supposed to be a blog about diabetes…and raw foods…and creating a healthy minimalistic lifestyle that is “politically correct”…   But being from Mississippi, there is one food that I will never give up… FRIED CHICKEN   Now that we are fighting Type 2 Diabetes in our household, theContinue reading “Pan-Frying 101”

Dreading the Breading

Fried food can be such a temptation, or even a luxury indulgence that you only have once in a while. It can also be quite intimidating to cook at home…anf if you are going to take the time, and the risk of getting burtned, it’s worth learning how to do it correcvtly. Those times thatContinue reading “Dreading the Breading”