Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend

The Yukon Gold potato is Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian friend who was born at Ontario Agricultural College in the 1960’s and named after the “gold rush country” around the Yukon River. Flesh…yellow to gold, firm, moist, and waxy Shape…ound to oblong with a slightly flattened shape. Size…medium to large in size Skin…smooth, thin, with a gold toContinue reading “Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend”

Russet the Rascal

So let’s check our Mr. Potato Head and his fellow companions….actually the group has two different cliques—each based on the amount of  starch and water that they contain. These groups are the following… Starchy All-purpose Waxy Let’s look at the characteristics of a starchy potato… absorbent almost all of the butter and cream that you placeContinue reading “Russet the Rascal”