Blackberries…The How

Shopping for Blackberries When shopping for blackberries, remember that the blacker the color, the riper and sweeter the blackberry will be. The perfect blackberry has a “deep”-flavored and is very juicy. *************** Storing Blackberries Blackberries are highly perishable and delicate. They can turn soft, mushy, and moldy within 24 hours after bringing them home from theContinue reading “Blackberries…The How”

How to Be a Smooth Operator

Making a smoothie might seem like a very simply task—simply throw everything into your blender jar and then push a button…but before we move on to which smoothie to make for which health benefit, let’s talk about a few basic “rules” that will help make your green smoothies taste even better. ********** The Greens FirstContinue reading “How to Be a Smooth Operator”

Making the Perfect Green Smoothie

So now that we know the health benefits of green smoothies, how do I make the perfect one…and what should I expect in the perfect one. The perfect green smoothie is the perfect blended of your favorite fresh fruits and dark leafy greens…blended with the perfect textures and with no bitter flavors….giving you not only great flavor,Continue reading “Making the Perfect Green Smoothie”

Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z

Mention anything about possibly even thinking about adding more fruits and vegetables to your breakfast menu…and especially leafy greens, and you’ll especially in the mornings, and you immediately start thinking about smoohties…in particular…green smoothies. Green smoothies—gee, that would be something that has a green color and a smooth texture…such as wasabi?…or guacamole?…or split pea soup?Continue reading “Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z”

Ask the Waiter for Some Water

So how did I embrace the habit of drinking two liters of water per day? Why  has it become just another step in my daily routine?     ********************** Tools and Techniques First of all there are different tools and techniques can I use to help me start drinking the suggested amount of  water eachContinue reading “Ask the Waiter for Some Water”

Brisk Breakfasts to Brag About

I feel like I have gone on so many tangents while writing this blog that they couldn’t possibly be counted.   I have gone all the way from learning to live a cruelty-free lifestyle and clean eating…to making scones with lots and lots of sugar and butter. This latest tangent has been a result ofContinue reading “Brisk Breakfasts to Brag About”

Making the Perfect Scones

In the last post, we talked about how to make the perfect biscuits… Now let’s learn how to make the biscuit’s closest kid—the scone—anotherf quick bread that is made using very similar ingredients and techniques. The perect scones are moist, light, tall and fluffy…slightly crispy on the outside…puffy and tender on the inside…with just the right amountContinue reading “Making the Perfect Scones”

Making the Perfect Homemade Biscuits

The perfect homemade biscuits are soft, light and fluffy….and don’t forget flaky…slathered with lots of butter and your favorite jam or jelly. butter, honey, jams, or gravy. Making biscuits completely from scratch is actually not that much harder than making your biscuits with Bisquick or homemade baking mix. …but obviously they are not as easy as openingContinue reading “Making the Perfect Homemade Biscuits”

Making the Perfect French Toast Casserole

I am so not a morning person…I do not function well until I have had at least two pots of coffee. So anything I can do the night before—such as make school lunches, lay out clothes, and so forth—I try to always do this the night before. Heaven forbid that I stand up for howContinue reading “Making the Perfect French Toast Casserole”

Making the Perfect French Toast

Everybody is familiar with the expression, “Waste not, want not.” And everybody knows that when your bananas start getting too ripe, you either make banana bread or end up throwing them all away… …but don’t stop there… ..also stop wasting your stale bread…by making French toast out of it. French toast is great because itContinue reading “Making the Perfect French Toast”