Grapes…The What

Okay, enough talking about fish..and why we should be eating it…and how to cook fish such as catfish and cod. The true purpose of this blog is to slowly crawl our way up the Raw Foods Pyamid so that we can make important changes in our lifestyle and to learn how to cope with the Southern man’s rite ofContinue reading “Grapes…The What”

Leaf Season All Year Round

I find the idea of eating three cups of mustard greens or collard greens still repulsive, but my Mom would be so glad that I actually do eat them now instead of feeding them to the dog while she wasn’t looking.Why did I even consider adding these leafy greens that I once found repulsive toContinue reading “Leaf Season All Year Round”

Mr. Potato Head’s Other Produce-Bin Buddies

So far we have looked at two types of potatoes—waxy potatoes such as the Russet, and all-purpose such as the Yukon Gold. There are two more categories of potatoes that I would like to look at…waxy potatoes and sweet potatoes. So what are the characteristics of a waxy potato? fine-grained, dense flesh generally smaller andContinue reading “Mr. Potato Head’s Other Produce-Bin Buddies”

Making the Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are to dinner fare what hash browns are to breakfast fare…and in this post, we’re gonna learn how to make the best mashed potatoes ever. The perfect mashed potatoes are rich, super-creamy, and thick…and flavored with butter, sour cream, garlic and Parmesan cheese. ——————————————————— Which type of potatoes should I use? The best varietyContinue reading “Making the Perfect Mashed Potatoes”

Pan-Frying 101

Okay, I know that this is ultimately supposed to be a blog about diabetes…and raw foods…and creating a healthy minimalistic lifestyle that is “politically correct”…   But being from Mississippi, there is one food that I will never give up… FRIED CHICKEN   Now that we are fighting Type 2 Diabetes in our household, theContinue reading “Pan-Frying 101”

What’s Next?

As much as I hate it, and as much as my ADHD adult mind would love to wander off on yet some other tempting tangent or two, especially during this holiday season of overeating and overcooking and overbaking… We’re still faced with the fact that my husband has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetesContinue reading “What’s Next?”

Facing the Facts and Fiction on Fats

Despite the common misconception that all fat is bad for you and that fat should be eliminated completely our of our diets, our bodies actually require fat in order to stay healthy. Fat is actually an important nutrient in a healthy diet, just like protein and carbohydrates. A study in the Journal of the AmericanContinue reading “Facing the Facts and Fiction on Fats”