Vegan Face Mask Recipes

Face masks are great for both winter weather—with its snow and hail, cold winds, and indoor heating systems—and summer weather—with the damage that may have been picked up from being out in the sun way too long.  They can also be great for many different skin issues, such as dry skin and acne breakouts. Below is a collectionContinue reading “Vegan Face Mask Recipes”

8 Best Cruelty-Free OTBC Facial Cleansers

For those of us without the time initiative to make our own vegan cleansers, there are several OTBC (over the beauty counter) options available, such as…   1,  100% PURE: Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Foam Best for…those with oily and sensitive skin Ingredients…aloe, rosewater, coconut oil, and so forth… Price…$35   2. Alba Botanica ACNEdoteContinue reading “8 Best Cruelty-Free OTBC Facial Cleansers”