Making the Perfect Beer-Battered Fish

The next type of batter is beer batter…and whenever we think about beer batter…most of us think immediately of beer-battered fish. The perfect beer-battered fish has both great crunch and great flavor.,..¬†perfectly golden brown and crispy on the outside…flaky on the inside…served with the perfect coleslaw….(recipe coming soon)…or perhaps¬†potato chips, or fries instead…tartar sauce…lemon wedges…maltContinue reading “Making the Perfect Beer-Battered Fish”

The Best Fry Station in the Nation

So far we have covered three cooking methods—sauteeing, stirfrying, and pan frying—Now we begin our fourth cooking method—deep frying. So far in your minimalist kitchen, there are several things that you should have either kept, updated, or bought… As far what you should have in your minimalist kitchen at this point, you should have… CookieContinue reading “The Best Fry Station in the Nation”