When You’re Hungry in Hungary

    Hungary is the one country most renowned for their the use of paprika     In Hungary, the spice is just as commonly used as salt and pepper are here in the United States and is an everyday ingredient in the most of their daily cooking.     In fact, they add severalContinue reading “When You’re Hungry in Hungary”

Eggplant…The What

Eggplant has had an interesting part in folklore around the world for many centuries,. For example, eggplant in India, the eggplant was believed to cause people to go insane….yet according to the Kama Sutra eggplant is erotically stimulating when rubbed onto the penis…male organ. or whatever yuou wanna call it, so much so that isContinue reading “Eggplant…The What”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign

Cantonese cuisine is the most familiar type of Chinese cuisine and one of the most widely served styles of Chinese cuisine in the world. One reason for this is the fact that so many people from this region have immigrated to the United States, London, Calcutta, and many other countries.   Cantonese cuisine was the first type ofContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign”

The Peking Order of Chinese Regional Cuisine

Every now and then I like to step back and look forward to “What’s Next”…This is one of those posts… Lately we have been talking about the different cooking methods—specifically sauteeing and stirfrying…     But before we leave the topic of stirfrying and move on to other cooking methods, I thought that it mightContinue reading “The Peking Order of Chinese Regional Cuisine”