33 Different Kinds of Coffee to Keep Even the Barista Confused

      I am a simple person. I have dwindled my wardrobe into a 52-piece capsule wardrobe, organized my spice cabinet alphabetically, and cleaned/organized every single room in my house this year in my quest for minimalism and a better lifestyle in general for my family. So it’s probably not a big shock thatContinue reading “33 Different Kinds of Coffee to Keep Even the Barista Confused”

14 Reasons to Drink Another Cup of Coffee This Morning

For years it has been debated whether or not coffee is good for you or not… Honestly, who cares? Coffee has been given a bad rep in years past for causing various health risks…such as┬áraising your blood pressure, making your heart race, impairing sleep, and even causing cancer. But you are either a coffee drinkerContinue reading “14 Reasons to Drink Another Cup of Coffee This Morning”

Be Correct

Okay by this point, you should have written something…anything… You should also have resources at your disposal about the writing process from so-called “experts.” Now comes what I actually find to be both the most rewarding and the most challenging part of the writing process—editing what you have written.   The amount of editing andContinue reading “Be Correct”