Chinese Culinary Conflict—Shandong Campaign

Shandong province was one of the first civilized areas of China, and Shandong cuisine is one of the earliest regional cuisines, dating back to the Qin Dynasty of 221 to 207 BC. Shandong cuisine, commonly known as Lu cuisine, can be described as fresh, salty, crisp and tender. As far as cooking methods, Shandong Cuisine features aContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Shandong Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign

The Anjui region is an inland area located in East China. The region surrounds the Huangshan Mountain, also referred to as Yellow Mountains. The region consists of many different types of terrain—including not only these mounjtains, but also forests and farmland. Anhui cuisine revolves around wild plants and animals, very similar to Fujian cuisine that we talking aboutContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Jiangsu Campaign

Jiangsu cuisine seems like the aristocracy of Chinese regional cuisine. I say this for many reasons. First of all, Jiangau cuisine places much emphasis on artistic presentation—carefully arranging the food so that it makes visual impact. Jiangua cuisine also requires being able to use precise and delicate carving techniques, mastering various meticulous cooking methods—such as braising,Continue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Jiangsu Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Hunan Campaign

When I first decided to take a detour through the different Chinese cooking cuisines, I had no clue that this was going to take up a total of nine posts…what started as one post, soon led into about two or three weeks on my blog. And all this time I have been thinking back onContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Hunan Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Fujian Campaign

  Because the Fujian province is surrounded by both the mountains and sea, Fujian cuisine can be a true culinary adventure. This cuisine takes advantage of both worlds by incorporating the best of both worlds..the offerings of the sea—such as mussels, shrimp, and various types of fish—as well as the offerings of the mountains woodland—such as forest-foraged herbs andContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Fujian Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign

Sichuan cuisine is the most unique of the eight main regional cuisines. Famed for its bold flavors and use of strong spices, this cuisine was strongly influenced by Indian cuisine. As foreigners, including Buddhist missionaries and Spanish traders, began travelling through this landlocked, mountain-ringed province along China’s famous “Silk Route.” they introduced the locals to the characteristic spicy flavors of Indian cuisine. TheContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Sichuan Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign

Cantonese cuisine is the most familiar type of Chinese cuisine and one of the most widely served styles of Chinese cuisine in the world. One reason for this is the fact that so many people from this region have immigrated to the United States, London, Calcutta, and many other countries.   Cantonese cuisine was the first type ofContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Cantonese Campaign”

The Peking Order of Chinese Regional Cuisine

Every now and then I like to step back and look forward to “What’s Next”…This is one of those posts… Lately we have been talking about the different cooking methods—specifically sauteeing and stirfrying…     But before we leave the topic of stirfrying and move on to other cooking methods, I thought that it mightContinue reading “The Peking Order of Chinese Regional Cuisine”

Black is Beautiful

Once you’ve chosen your new wok…or like most of us these days, had it delivered off Amazon, you may be tempted to rush to the nearest Half-Price Books, buy the biggest Chinese cookbook that you can find, and start cooking Chinese as devotely as Julie in the move Julie and Julia… But wait… ‘Tis theContinue reading “Black is Beautiful”

Bok Choy…The What?!

Another leafy green vegetable that type 2 diabetics should consider adding to their diets is bok choy. Bok choy has been cultivated in China for more than five thousand years and has played a large part not only in its cuisine, but also in traditional Chinese medicine. Bok choy is a common ingredient in theContinue reading “Bok Choy…The What?!”