Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z

Mention anything about possibly even thinking about adding more fruits and vegetables to your breakfast menu…and especially leafy greens, and you’ll especially in the mornings, and you immediately start thinking about smoohties…in particular…green smoothies. Green smoothies—gee, that would be something that has a green color and a smooth texture…such as wasabi?…or guacamole?…or split pea soup?Continue reading “Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z”

Every Mom Knows the “Best” Thing of Waking Up Is Definitely NOT Coffee

  I am so not a morning person…definitely NOT a morning person. In fact, I am so not a morning person that the Friday before the “resident fivec year old” starts kindergarten, we are moving right smack dab across the street from his elementary school… So close in fact that you can spit at the frontContinue reading “Every Mom Knows the “Best” Thing of Waking Up Is Definitely NOT Coffee”

Amaranth…The How

  Buyiing Amaranth You can find amaranth at most health food stores, and even in some regular grocery stores. As far as online sources, check… Amazon. Arrowhead Mills Bob’s Red Mill Walmart Whole Foods Vitacoast   ********************** Storing Amaranth Store amaranth is a tightly sealed glass bottle in a cool, dry place. **************** Boiling AmaranthContinue reading “Amaranth…The How”