Visions of Veganism—Butter

Butter is important in baking because it gives your foods color, flavor, and acts as an emulsifier. Yet butter is one of those products that is looked down and frowned upon my vegans… So what I am supposed to use instead so that I can make my sour cream pound cake where my vegan daughterContinue reading “Visions of Veganism—Butter”

Visions of Veganism Danced Through Her Head

I know…I know…I know… This is supposed to be a  blog about eating healthy and creating a more “politically ` correct” home and lifestyle…and here this Southern belle sits writing about cookies… How dare she?… But old habits die hard… And rhe topic of cooking methods led to a discussion of boiling which let toContinue reading “Visions of Veganism Danced Through Her Head”

Making the Perfect Twice Baked Potatoes

There are times with a simple baked potato will not do, even how well dressed it might be. You want something “extra”…you want to take what you’ve learned about Making the Perfect Baked Potatoes and turn them into something more…something a little fancier than regular baked potatoes. The perfect twice-baked potatoes have crispy skins that are overflowing with creamyContinue reading “Making the Perfect Twice Baked Potatoes”

Sorry, Paula Dean…But…

Now that our family is having to change our eating habits and stop cooking like the Southern Baptists from the deepest of the Deep South, all in the name of middle age and type 2 diabetes, are we to live the rest of our lives totally without the Trinity of Deep Southern Cooking—cream cheese, powderedContinue reading “Sorry, Paula Dean…But…”