Finding the Perfect Pot to Pea In

One of my goals for this spring and summer are to grow my own veggies, flowers, and herbs…hopefully without killing them. So obviously if I am going to do that, I will first have to find the perfect pot to pea in, right?! When shopping for containers to grow your plants in, there are severalContinue reading “Finding the Perfect Pot to Pea In”

Broccoli…The How

Broccoli contains many nutrients–such as vitamins, minerals and fiber—but what broccoli you buy, how you store it, and how you cook your broccoli can all affect the nutritional benefits…especially the amount of vitamin C…that the vegetable will provide….something that we really don’t want to do this because we can get 84% of our RDI byContinue reading “Broccoli…The How”

Broccoli…The Why

So now that we know what broccoli is, let’s take a look at why you should be eating broccoli. What nutrients does broccoli contain…What health benefits does it offer…         ********************* 1.Anti-inflammatory Whenever our bodies are threatened with dangerous levels of potential toxins or overly-reactive, oxygen-containing molecules, it sends signals to ourContinue reading “Broccoli…The Why”