Batter Up

The What When we were pan-frying, we typically used breading… But now that we are deepfrying, we’re most likely to be using a batter instead. Batters will give youf food a lighter, thinner style coating…instead of¬† the¬†thicker, heavier coating associarted with breading. Batters also consist of the same ingredients as breading—flour, egg, and milk orContinue reading “Batter Up”

Chicken Parm Here at the Farm

    I am a piano player….I have been playing piano for about 45 years now…I play all the time for all sorts of people…yet I can’t play anything if it’s not already been written out and placed in front of me… In other words, I can’t play by ear or transpose…lost my full scholarshipContinue reading “Chicken Parm Here at the Farm”

Please Don’t Feed the Ducks

Okay, so we’ve been talking lately about breading stuff…but if you’re gonna “bread” stuff, you’re probably gonna need one more thing—bread… Go figure!!! Actually you are gonna probably need breadcrumbs… Last time I cleaned out my pantry, I realized that I had twelve canisters of store-bought breadcrumbs…don’t judge…right now in my quest for a healthierContinue reading “Please Don’t Feed the Ducks”

Dreading the Breading

Fried food can be such a temptation, or even a luxury indulgence that you only have once in a while. It can also be quite intimidating to cook at home…anf if you are going to take the time, and the risk of getting burtned, it’s worth learning how to do it correcvtly. Those times thatContinue reading “Dreading the Breading”