Amaranth…The What

The other day as I was making my sandwich for lunch, I noticed that my bread was called “Ancient Grain”…I thought to myself, wonder what that means…hope it doesn’t mean that my bread has been around since ancient times…if that were the case, the bread would probably be stale…and the sandwich would probably make meContinue reading “Amaranth…The What”

Making Perfectly A-Peelin’ Boiled Eggs

I play piano for church quite a bit…and have worked with severaql differeent singers and other instrumen talists… And the one thing I have learned is that the songs that everyone knows and everyone and their brother requests that you sing—such as Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Aft…those songs that you’ve sung or playedContinue reading “Making Perfectly A-Peelin’ Boiled Eggs”

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Yeah, I know…I said that we would crawl our way up the Raw Foods Pyramid one food at a time…one tier at a time… But… My family will never be content to eat nutritional yeast and raw sweet potatoes for the rest of their lives. So instead I have been getting acquainted with all theContinue reading “A Watched Pot Never Boils”