And the Beet Goes On…(Making the Perfect Beet Smoothie)

The perfect beet smoothie is cold, refreshing, and blended with just the right amount of other fruits and vegetables to either enhance or mask the flavor of the beets…depending on whether or not you like beets in the first place. And obviously, in order to make a beet smoothie, you will need some beets, right?!    Continue reading “And the Beet Goes On…(Making the Perfect Beet Smoothie)”

Can’t Beat the Beet

          ************* THE WHAT?! One of my goals while writing this blog has been to slowly crawl up the Raw Foods Pyramid, looking at one option at a time…seeing how each ingredient can be added to the diet of my newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. So, since we are now onContinue reading “Can’t Beat the Beet”