Making the Perfect Carne Asada — June 2, 2020

Making the Perfect Carne Asada


Carne Asada - Cilantro, olive oil, soy sauce, orange + lime juice, garlic, jalapeno and cumin make for the easiest and most flavorful marinade. SO SO GOOD.

Carne asada is a grilled and sliced steak that has been marinated and perhaps seared before being grilled. This is a popular dish in Latin America, especially northern Mexico.



Carne asada is served  both as a main dish or as an ingredient in other dishes—such as tacos and burritos.



The perfect carne asada is perfectly juicy and perfectly tender….and perfectly grilled to perfection….regardless of whether you choose to eat the meat plain,… on a taco, burrito, or anything else you can think of.



The perfect carne asada is the perfect proof that “simple is often better.”



The perfect carne asada is simple, fast, and easy to make…making it perfect for your next event—regardless if it is a small get together or a large gathering.






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Essential Essential Oil Essentials — July 3, 2018

Essential Essential Oil Essentials

Way back in March, I had decided to choose one essential oil per month and discover just exactly what this particular oil is, what it’s used for, and so forth.

Well, this hasn’t happened…

So my goal in these next few posts is to catch up on these oils so that I can hopefully stick with my original goal of highlighting one essential oil per month.

Having written this blog for a short while, it seems like the “Muffins and Magnolias” mission has become…

—to begin living a healthier lifestyle and develop new habits that will simplify and improve your quality of life every single day.

I really believe that this is important, and that everyone—or at least almost everyone—wants to accomplish and learn about how to do this.

I also believe that developing the habit of using the right essential oils for the right purpose can be an important part of achieving this goal.

We began our venture into the world of essential oils with a list of the best essential oils for helping to cure insomnia. These essential oils are…

  1. Bergamot
  2. Cedarwood
  3. Frankincense
  4. Juniper Berry
  5. Lavender
  6. Marjoram
  7. Roman Chamomile
  8. Sandalwood
  9. Vetiver
  10. Ylang Ylang

This last series of posts about sugar substitutes and processed foods is starting to become to academic and serious…I need to take a short break from this topic myself, especially today while I will be preparing desserts for our 4th of July cookout tomorrow, right?!

So join me as we catch up on these essential oils that should have been included in posts from the last four months–cedarwood, frankincense, juniper berry, and lavender…and don’t feel guilty about eating that entire gallon of Blue Bell all by self tomorrow…I won’t…