Wardrobe Staples-Classy Cardigans

Cardigans are perfect for layering your clothes, adding texture and interest to outfits, and keeping you warm. Cardigans are also easy to throw over on a basic dress or top.

Cardigan sweaters are fabulous for layering with your tops, multiplying your outfits, and dressing down a flashy outfit. 

to add contrasting color, to mute a loud pattern in a dress or blouse, or add a color to a drab ensemble

In fact cardigans are some of the most flexible sweaters available.

It is important that you first fill your wardrobe with timeless,  can’t-live-without essential in solid neutrals such as black, navy, and cream. Then you can start adding more trendy items.

Basic sweate colors include purple, blue, green, mustard yellow, and  fiery red. 

You will most likely wear whatever sweaters you purchase for years, if not decades. So this is one item that you should be willing to invest more money in.

I highly recommend you to invest in at least four high-quality cardigan sweaters that will work with the rest of your wardrobe.

    1.  Possible fabric options include…

    . A cashmere sweater is the ultimate in softness and  luxury. They are available in a wide array of price points, qualities and styles. 

    Cashmere/wool blend..
    . These sweaters are more reasonably priced than cashmere sweaters. They still have the soft and luxurious feel of cashmere and are less itchy than wool.

    Cotton sweaters are soft and comfortable, but will not keep you as warm as a wool sweater. Most cotton sweaters can be worn all year round.

    Wool is perfect for cold winter days because it is not only soft and comfortable, but also works as an excellent insulator to keep you warm. There are several  different types of wool, including…

    • Alpaca…stronger than other wool types, but still soft
    • Lambswool…fine and soft, cost-effective, durable, stretchy and breathable, itchy
    • Merino…a finer fiber if you don’t like itchy wool, offers near the softness of cashmere but with substantially more durability, cost-effective, durable, stretchy and breathable…thinner and not as warm as lambswool
    • Mohair…lustrous and long-wearing
    • Shetland…made from coarser fiber


    A few types of cardigans to consider are…

    1.  Boyfriend cardigan…casual and long, great for keeping warm, might look or feel a bit like a doctor’s coat…great paired with straight pants, pencil skirts, and simple sheaths…and long necklaces
    2.  Coat cardigan…makes almost any jeans and tee outfit look polished

    3.  Cozy knit cardigan...for that effortless, vintage look

    4.  Draped cardigan.... looser than typical cardigans…have more volume than a boyfriendcardi, but are just as long.

    5.  Oversized cardigans…needs to be the right cardigan in the right shape…not big slouchy sweaters that have no shape and just plain out look sloppy…never wear them with oversized pants because this makes them look way too frumpypair it with a more form-fitting outfit. That means skinny or narrow pants, leggings, skirts, or dresses with a tapered waist or belt.

    Oversized cardigans are not simply cardigans that are a size or two bigger than you are…or cardigans actually borrowed from your boyfriend… Shop with your correct size in mind, and make sure that the shape of the sweater itself doesn’t swallow you up. Sleeves should hit at the wrist or just slightly cover the hand. 
    6.  Simple cotton cardigan...light and thin, excellent for layering over a t-shirt or dress


      Typically cardigans hit just below the hip and can be as long as mid-calf. If you are short, keep the length right around the knee or above. 

      Any length cardigan looks good with pants…

      A cardigan that hits slightly above or below the hem works best with skirts.

      A cardigan that is a few inches above the hem, at the hem, or mid-calf if you are wearing boots works best with dresses.
      Note for Petites…

      If you are petite or plus size, stick with cardigans made of thinner material. The drop shoulders, length and slight oversized middle of cardigans in these fabrics will not overwhelm a small frame or add bulk to a larger one. 

      Also, thinner oversized cardigans look more polished than cable knits or other heavier sweaters.


        Wardrobe Staples-Tops…Blissful Blazers



        Blazers are a basic wardrobe staple that can be worn as a casual light jacket or as a part of a more conservative business outfit. But finding a blazer that provides the best fit or that flatters you as well as it could can be a bit confusing. 

        The wide range of styles, cuts, and colors that women’s blazers are available in makes it possible for any woman to find a blazer that can provide an effortless finish to almost any outfit and  any event

        There are several factors to consider when shopping for the perfect blazer.



        Bust…Finding a blazer that is not too tight or loose across the bust area  can often one of the most challenging steps in finding the perfect blazer. 

        If the blazer is too tight, it will be difficult to button…if the blazer is too loose, you will end up with an overly draped look and a significant amount of bunching.

        Look for a blazer that goes across half of a breast on each side of the blazer.



          The number of buttons on a blazer will affect both the blazer’s fit and form.

          The “stance,”. the highest point where the buttons are, should be considered when shopping for the perfect blazer. 

          Each type of “stance” looks different on each of the different body types. For example, if you have a larger bust, choose a blazer with a higher “stance”-a blazer that has two or three buttons.

          The higher the “stance,” the more buttons you will find…A blazer that has a high stance might have three buttons..A blazer that has a low stance might only have one button. 

          When shopping for the perfect blazer, consider your body type and the drawbacks and benefits of each type of blazer.

          Open-front blazers, like the one above from Orvis, have a draped looked and are very flattering for women with larger bust sizes. Belted blazers, also have no buttons, but create a more structured straight or peplum look that adds more definition to your waist.

          One-Button Blazers...One-button blazers are more casual, but also the trickiest to wear. The single button must sit perfectly at the narrowest part of your waist. A one-button blazer that fits poorly can look awkward and be  uncomfortable. An example of a perfectly-fitted one-button blazer would be the one above from Tahari.

          Two-Button Blazer...The two-button blazer, like this one from Varani Formal Wear will fall more smoothly and is more appropriate for work.


            Three-Button Blazers...Three-button blazers, like this one from Sears, are best for taller women because the buttons sit higher on the blazer.The more buttons the blazer has, the more likely that the blazer will hold you in and stay in place.  

            Four- and Multi-Button Blazers…Women’s blazers, like this one from Alie Express, often have four or more buttons, with a higher “stance.” open too much at the bust as you go and are the better choice for large-breasted women.


                Color and Pattern

                There are all sorts of colors and patterns available—ranging from classic colors like black, gray, and navy blue to crazy colors like purple and neon yellow…from neutral stripes and plaids to bright floral prints and wild animal patterns.

                  Since our goal is to create a minimalistic practical wardrobe, focus on the basic colors first.




                    The style and fit of the lapel can also affect the overall look of your blazer. Larger lapels create more bulk on top and shorten the overall look.

                    The size of the lapel should be in proportion to your figure. Petites generally look better in blazers with smaller lapels.



                      Women’s blazers can vary greatly in length. The most common and classic length stops at your hipbone…but depending on your figure, you may look better in slightly longer or slightly shorter jacket lengths.

                      Cropped Blazers
                      …Cropped blazers that are an inch or less above your waist are extremely casual. Cropped lengths look best when paired with pants or skirts that have a higher waist, .with longer tops, or with a well fitting dress.

                      Waist-Length Blazers
                      …Waist-length blazers are more casual than slightly longer blazers and are very flattering on all body types because they draw attention to your waist.

                      Hip-Length Blazers…
                      Hip-length blazers are the most traditional length and are very flattering…but women with very wide hips should avoid this cut. 

                      Long Blazers…
                      Longer blazers look best paired with a more fitted bottom, such as slim fit jeans. 




                          The fabric that makes up a blazer will greatly affect the blazer’s quality and the blazer’s price. Each fabric will have its own characteristics, so it is important to be familiar with each type of material.

                          • 1.  Blends…Blended fabrics are very common for blazers because the natural fibers make the fabric of the blazer feel richer and breathe better, but the synthetic fibers help cut down the cost of the blazer.
                          • 2.  Corduroy…Corduroy is typically velvet fabric woven in small, parallel rows. Corduroy blazers are typically seen as being very academic and are great for daily use.
                          • 3.  Cotton…Cotton blazers are best for warm weather.
                          • 4.  Knit…Knit blazers are usually designed to fit snugly like a sweater. Knit blazers are less formal than the standard blazer and are great for petites.
                          • 5.  Lace…Lace blazers can be are a great choice for weddings or other special events…but as a minimalist, are you ever actually going to wear it?
                          • 6.  Linen …Linen is typically associated with summer blazers. It is lightweight and very breathable. Most often, it is used in its neutral, beige color although some women’s styles used dyed linen. While linen has a crisp, refreshing feel, it wrinkles very easily, and some women will find it difficult to take care of.
                          • 7. Satin…Satin usually has a shiny, smooth finish that isn’t appropriate for work…so cross that off my capsule wardrobe list.
                          • 8.  Silk…Silk blazers are expensive, but can be worn year round. Silk is incredibly soft and “breathes” very well.
                          • 9. Synthetics…Blazers made from synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are usually much cheaper than blazers made from natural fibers, such as wool. These blazers are are actually affordable, not investment pieces like wool Blazers and cashmere sweaters. option.
                          • 10.  Velvet..Velvet can be made from many different types of fibers. The fibers ar woven so that one side is made up of many short, soft threads called the “pile. ” Velvet is extremely soft and has a slight shine.  Even though velvet blazers aren’t gonna be worn to work, they are still a smart buy because they can be dressed up for holiday parties or dressed down with jeans for a night on the town.
                          • 11.  Wool…Wool blazers and suits are very professional-looking. Wool blazers are always a smart choice.



                            Pockets can make or break a blazer. Small pockets do not distract from the silhouette of the blazer as do larger pockets.. Bulky or patch pockets add bulk to the hips.



                            All blazers have at least a little bit of  padding at the shoulder, because this padding is honestly what gives the blazer its shape. 

                            Removing the shoulder pads can change both the fit and drape of the blazer. Remember, you can always replace the shoulder pads if you need to.

                            The seams of the shoulder should be as close to the end of your shoulders as possible.

                            If the shoulders are too wide, you will look too broad-shouldered and the sleeve will begin too far down your arm, possibly causing restriction in arm movement and causing your shoulder bag to start pulling your blazer down from the shoulder.

                            If the shoulders are too small, you may not be able to raise your arms or move around comfortably. 

                            When trying on a blazer, stand near a wall and slowly lean against it.

                            If the shoulder pad hits the wall first and scrunches up, it’s too big. 

                            If the shoulder pad and your natural shoulder Both touch the wall at the same time, it’s a good fit. 

                            If your natural shoulder rests against the wall but the shoulder pad does not, it’s too small.

                            Reaching across your body with one arm to grab the opposite arm can also give you a good idea as to whether to go ahead and buy the blazer or not.



                              The sleeves of your blazer are also important to take into account when shopping for a blazer.

                               Ideally, the sleeves of your blazers should end at the joint where your thumb connects at your wrist. 

                              Sleeves should also run close to your arm for a slim, sleek look. A wide sleeve can look bunchy and make the blazer look boxy. 


                              Dressing Without Stressing…The 100


                              Although you should not necessarily avoid new trends that you actually fall in love with, it is important to fill your clothes closet primarily with wardrobe staples that can play the supporting role to those trendier pieces.

                              Having a closet filled with staple pieces that “every stylish woman must own” will make it easier to decide which options should be added to your collection each season.

                               The book, The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia, contains a the following list of 100 things that every “stylish woman” should own…

                                Nina Garcia’s The 100:

                                  1. (Tops)…A-line Dress
                                  2. Blazer
                                  3. Boyfriend Cardigan
                                  4. Cable-Knit Sweater
                                  5. Caftan
                                  6. Cashmere Sweater
                                  7. Denim Jacket
                                  8. Evening Gown
                                  9. Little Black Dress.
                                  10. Little White Dress
                                  11. Men’s White Shirt
                                  12. Multiples
                                  13. Missoni Knit. 
                                  14. Old Concert T-Shirt
                                  15. Plain White Tee
                                  16. Polo Shirt
                                  17. Safari Jacket
                                  18. Striped Sailor Shirt
                                  19. Suit
                                  20. Tuxedo Jacket
                                  21. Wrap Dress.
                                  22. Zippered Hoodie
                                  23. (Bottoms)…Jeans
                                  24. Khakis
                                  25. Leather Pants
                                  26. Pencil Skirt
                                  27. Sarong
                                  28. Wide-leg Trousers
                                  29. (Shoes)…Ankle Bootie
                                  30. Ballet Flats
                                  31. Converse
                                  32. Cowboy Boots
                                  33. Driving Shoe
                                  34. Espadrilles
                                  35. Frye Harness Boot
                                  36. Havaianas
                                  37. Knee Boots
                                  38. Mary Janes
                                  39. Minnetonka Moccasin
                                  40. Sandals
                                  41. Slippers
                                  42. Stilettos
                                  43. Vans
                                  44. Wellington Boot
                                  45. (Handbags)…Clutch
                                  46. Cosmetics Bag
                                  47. Exotic Skin Bag
                                  48. Hobo Bag
                                  49. Investment Bag
                                  50. Jewelry Pouches
                                  51. L.L. Bean Tote
                                  52. Luggage
                                  53. Belts
                                  54. Silk Scarf
                                  55. (Jewelry)…Turquoise and Coral Jewelry
                                  56. Brooch
                                  57. Pearl Necklace
                                  58. Statement Necklace
                                  59. Watch
                                  60. Bangles
                                  61. Charm Bracelet
                                  62. Cuff
                                  63. Cocktail Ring
                                  64. Signet Ring
                                  65. Diamond Studs
                                  66. Hoop Earrings
                                  67. (Outerwear)…Camel Coat
                                  68. Cape
                                  69. Fur
                                  70. Motorcycle Jacket
                                  71. Peacoat
                                  72. Trench
                                  73. Aviators
                                  74. Gentleman’s Hat
                                  75. Gloves
                                  76. Sunhat
                                  77. Umbrella
                                  78. Wayfarers
                                  79. (Underwear)…
                                  80. Bikini
                                  81. Black Opaque Tights
                                  82. Fishnets
                                  83. Lingerie
                                  84. One-Piece Swimsuit
                                  85. Pajamas
                                  86. Pushup Bra
                                  87. Robe
                                  88. Spanx
                                  89. Yoga Gear
                                  90. (Miscellaneous)…Animal Print
                                  91. Blackberry
                                  92. Mad Money
                                  93. Monogrammed Stationery
                                  94. Nail Polish
                                  95. Perfume
                                  96. Pucci
                                  97. Quality Champagne
                                  98. Red Lipstick
                                  99. Valid Passport
                                  100. Vintage

                                  Dressing Without Stressing……There’s An App for That 



                                  I have also learned that there are many fashion apps and online shopping platforms that can help you keep track of what you own, teach me what to wear and what not to wear, and actually plan your outfits. these include…

                                  1.  ClosetSpace…After adding the items that you already own to your profile and then tagging these items as to the brand, fabric, size, color, price paid, and where you purchased the item…

                                  2.  Fab.com..The Fab shopping app, winner of the 2016 Webby Award for best mobile app in fashion and beauty, featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, Huffington Post and more and allows you and the over 1 million people who already shoarly sp on Fab to…access a curated selection of vibrant and unexpected men’s, women’s, home, art and tech accessories from the world’s most exciting designers…browse products by designer, category, color, price, and more…discover 500+ emerging designers, artists and brands…discover the most unique accessories and decor to express your individuality…find design inspiration ideas…save on great deals…shop accents for your brilliant, modern life.  

                                  3.   Hautelook is a member-only shopping website that offers flash-sales and limited-time sale events….and features top brands in women’s and men’s fashion and accessories, beauty, kids’ apparel and toys, and home décor. Items are typically discounted from 50% to 75 percent off retail prices with new sale events every morning at 10 AM CST.  

                                  4.  The Hunt..The Hunt is a community of 4 million people who help each other find the fashion advice and inspiration that they are looking for. Members post a photo of anything they’re looking for and the community then helps each other find more affordable options. Members ask which trend to wear or which item to buy and the community give their two cents worth.

                                  5.   Keep…Keep.com allows you to add the “Keep” button to your computer, similar to the “Pin It” button, and then “keep” any item that is for sale on the Internet into one great big wish list. Keep can also allows you to follow big name bloggers, magazines, and Instagram users to see what items they are “keeping.”

                                  6.  Polyvore…Polyvore is a virtual mood board that allows you to collect images of home decoration, beauty, and fashion into collages…share these collages with friends, and browse other users’ sets for inspiration. 

                                  7.   Stylebook...Stylebook allows you to add every article of clothing you own into your “virtual closet” and then plan out outfits in the calendar. 

                                  8.  Stylicious...Using pictures of your taken earlier and from the shopping section of Stylicious, you can mix, match, play, and create your own lookbook. Stylicious also offers awesome looks and style tips created by stylists and alerts so that you can see when your favorite fashion brands go on sale. 

                                  9.  Trendstop TrendTracker presents you with daily trends, fashion news, instant coverage from the catwalks during fashion weeks…and can be upgraded to access the latest seasonal trend forecasts, Pantone® colour palettes, street style trends, and retail analysis.   

                                  10.  WEAR
                                  … WEAR is the number one fashion app for finding new trends as they’re breaking and for discovering brands you’ll love. Follow top global fashion influencers, and shop your favorite looks in one place. Enter your outfits into style challenges with Refinery29, Vogue, T Magazine and Teen Vogue.

                                    Dressing Without Stressing…The “F Word”

                                    This year I set out on a quest to simplify each area of my life,starting with an attempt to create the perfect 40-piece capsule wardrobe…a wardrobe that supposedly would…

                                    (1) eliminate the amount of time spent folding, organizing, buying and washing clothes

                                    (2) fill my closet with clothes that make me feel fantastic, that I absolutely love, and that make me happy.

                                    (3) keep me from mindlessly shopping despite the fact that I clearly have tons of clothing already

                                    (4) keep me from staring at a closet full of clothing each morning, and yet feeling that I have nothing to wear

                                    (5) weed out those pieces that I actually never wear
                                    Many people seem to think that forty is the perfect number of items in the capsule wardrobe, but trying to consolidate my wardrobe into the perfect number has actually taught me many things are way more important than the number of items you have hanging in your closet.

                                    1. Face the Facts…

                                    Be completely honest with who you are now…not the person you used to be, the person you hope to one day become, or some other type of person that you honestly are not. Don’t think about what you wish you could afford, wish you could fit, and wish you had the lifestyle to wear.

                                    2. Fewer But Better…

                                    Buying fewer clothes will allow you to purchase higher quality, longer-lasting pieces that would otherwise be too expensive. 

                                    3. Figure Out What You Actually Need..

                                    .Having a list of what you already have and getting rid of those things that are simply occupying space enables you to actually see what you already have, figure what else you need, and create different outfit combinations.The following list of items might give you some idea of what your wardrobe might consist of.

                                    Tops…1 trench…2 blazers…3 dresses…1 cardigan…2 lightweight sweaters…5 blouses…a layering tank…4 T-shirts

                                    Bottoms..1 skirt…2 pairs of shorts…1 pair of white linen pants, full length…3 pairs of cropped pants (one colored, one khaki, one black)…1 pair of boyfriend jeans

                                    Accessories…2 scarves…3 necklaces…1 set of bangles…1 cocktail ring…1 pair of sunglasses…1 neutral handbag…4 pairs of shoes

                                    4. Find Your Favorites…

                                    Your capsule wardrobe should consist only of those items Thad you absolutely love…Notice what gets the most wear and why. This can help you figure out what NOT to purchase in the future.

                                    5. Find Your Niche..

                                    Your lifestyle, tastes, job, budget, and even the climate will all play a role in defining what works for you. Define your own “personal style” and color palette. This will allow you to be more specific and selective when shopping.

                                    6. Fit the Puzzle Together…..

                                    Never buy anything if it doesn’t go with at least two to four other pieces. .Look for those retailers who best fit your figure, your budget, and your lifestyle. 

                                    7. Forget Following the Trends..

                                    Forget following trends that will be gone next year and replaced with new trends. Classics, such as a white buttondown and khaki pants, are the basics

                                    8. Forget the Forty…

                                    Forty is not some magical wardrobe number. No dress, skirt, or perfect 40-piece capsule wardrobe will magically transform your life or make you look ten years younger and twenty pounds thinner. What matters is that you have a wardrobe of clothing that you absolutely love and can’t bear to part with.

                                    AirDrying Your Hair—The Lazy Vegan Girl’s Guide to Styling Your Hair



                                    Heat can be your be your hair’s best friend or worst enemy. Heat can create bouncing curls, waves, and tendrils from an unruly mane or flat, lifeless locks in no time at all…but heat can also cause serious damage and split ends, make your hair rough and dull and more susceptible to damage and cause your hair to lose moisture faster than it can be reabsorbed from the air, leaving it brittle. 

                                    Air-drying your hair, instead of blow-drying and heat-styling it, will save you both time spent doing your hair and this risk of damaging your hair.

                                    Here are a few simple secrets to air-drying hair and having it actually look like one great big frizzy mess.

                                    1. Air drying your hair doesn’t mean you should skip product…All hair types should follow up towel drying with a detangling leave-in conditioner,  a protectant spray or cream or a blow-dry serum…combing it  through with a large-tooth comb.

                                     If your hair is on the finer side and lacks a true natural texture, also spritz a sea salt spray at the roots continuing through to the ends to help give the hair more volume.Then leave hair alone until it dries. 

                                    2. Never brush wet hair…Brushing your hair while wet can stretch the strands, causing damage and splits while it is at its most delicate. 

                                    3.  Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will also keep hair from frizzing because satin is gentler on  hair cuticles…Although sleeping on wet hair might initially seem like a good idea,  the combination of cotton pillowcases and tossing and turning as you sleep can cause breakage, frizz and tangles. Avoid it at all costs.

                                    4.  Don’t touch your hair as it dries. …The more you touch, play with, and otherwise mess with your hair, the frizzier it will get.

                                    5.  Using a hair tie to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun as it’s drying is a huge cause of breakage and will also result in strange kinks and texture.

                                    6.  Even though you are air-drying your hair, this doesn’t mean not putting products into your hair. Product will help set the hair, add volume, and reduce frizz and unruliness.

                                    7.  Apply argan oil to damp hair from the mid-lengths to the tips. This will seal the cuticles, tone down frizz, keep your hair smelling clean and fresh, and enhance natural waves. Two quality ARGAN oils worth checking into are…Josie MaraNatha ARGAN OIL…and Zweena Pure Organic Argan Oil.

                                    8.  Apply a spritz of dry shampoo to your roots once your hair is dry for extra lift and texture.

                                    9.  Four types of product that you should actually consider investing in are…

                                    A.  Shine Enhancer—

                                    • Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream
                                    • Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum
                                    • Verb Ghost Oil

                                    B.  Frizz Protectant/Leave-In Conditioner

                                    • Earth’s Nectar Coconut Curls Leave-In Conditioner
                                    • SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 

                                    C.  Hair Oil or Serum

                                    • French Girl Organics Hair Revive Oil
                                    • Little Barn Apothecary Chamomile + Rosemary Hair Oil
                                    • Mullein & Sparrow Aromatic Hair Serum

                                    D.  Sea Salt Spray

                                    • Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray
                                    • ORIBE WAVEQray
                                    •  Ouai Wave Spray

                                    10.  If all else fails, throw it up into a bun or under a cap, right?!

                                    Dousing On the Deep

                                       Using a deep conditioner once or twice a week, instead of using a regular conditioner on a daily basis, is so much smarter…but, hey, who still even washes their hair every single day anyway?!

                                    Allow the heat and steam of the shower to help the deep conditioner penetrate hair strands, immediately after rinsing the shampoo out. 

                                    Leave the conditioner on while you finish taking your shower.

                                    Focus conditioner primarily on your roots because the roots require the most moisture and attention.

                                    Three of the best cruelty-free deep conditioners currently on the market are…

                                      1.  Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner

                                      1. Ingredients…mineral-rich agar agar gel base, seaweed gel, lemon oil, lavender, and rosemary
                                      2. Price…$9.95
                                      3. Purpose… to soften hair, promote a healthy scalp, and deliver beautiful glossy shine 
                                      4. Review…Alexis Emily Chin

                                      2.  Pacifica Coconut Damage Mask

                                      • Availability…Target, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Ulta
                                      • Ingredients…cruelty-free and vegan
                                      • Price…$16
                                      • Purpose…to restore and hydrate hair and to protect it from damage and pollutants
                                      • Review…The Vegan Crazy Cat Lady

                                      3.  Surya Brasil Color Fixation Restorative Hair Mask

                                      1. Availability…Sprouts
                                      2. Ingredients…exotic butters and 15 herbal extracts from India and the Amazon forest, cupuaçu butter, buriti oil, rice proteins
                                      3. Price…$12
                                      4. Purpose…hydrates and revitalizes colored or damaged hair…extends the life of color..strengthens the cuticle of the hair… restores shine and manageability

                                      Once you’ve finished washing and shampooing your hair, it is best to squeeze out any excess moisture and pat your hair dry with a cotton t-shirt. 

                                      Finally wrapping your hair tightly in a towel or rubbing your hair too roughly can cause knots, frizz, and severe damage to your hair. 

                                        The Vegan Secret to “Messy Bun, Getting Things Done”


                                        Dry shampoos are so convenient for stretching out those “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” days between actually washing your hair, saving money by stretching out the time between hair appointments, helping you get dressed on yet another manic Monday morning, and helping you look halfway decent after you just worked out.

                                        Yet is dry shampoo worth sacrificing your planet-friendly, vegan values or your health? After all, choosing to use a vegan beauty products decreases your carbon footprint, water consumption, and energy consumption.

                                        Obviously dry shampoo is to be used as a supplement to traditional shampoo, not a replacement. Dry shampoos cover impurities, but may not remove them.

                                        A few brands of vegan dry shampoo are…

                                        1. Acure Organics Dry Shampoo…

                                        1. Ingredients…vegan, sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty-free
                                        2. Price… $10
                                        3. Review…Makeup Alley

                                        2.  Batiste Dry Shampoo, Clean, and Classic

                                        • Availability…Albertson’s, CVS, Walgreen’s, Target
                                        • Price…$6
                                        • Review…Makeup and Beauty

                                        3. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo 

                                        4. Hair Dance Silky Touch Dry Shampoo Powder

                                        • Ingredients…100% Natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free…NO talc, parabens, baking soda, or phtalates
                                        • Price…$16.99


                                            5.  Handmade Heroes Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo

                                            • Ingredients…bamboo charcoal, peppermint, eucalyptus, rice powder
                                            • Mission…to provide entirely vegan and cruelty-free products
                                            • Philosophy…products are handmade – no heavy machinery or chemicals are part of the manufacturing process
                                            • Price…$13
                                            • ReviewGuru

                                            6.   Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo

                                            • Availability…Sephora
                                            • Ingredients…USDA certified organic ingredients…totally plant-based formulation
                                            • Price...$32
                                            • Review…Girl Gone Green


                                            7.  Skinnyskinny Rose and Black Pepper Organic Dry Shampoo

                                            • Availability…CVS, Walgreen’s
                                            • Ingredients…cornstarch, brown rice powder, white clay, horsetail powder, baking soda, orris root powder, rose & black pepper essential oils
                                            • Price…$32
                                            • Review…Indigo and Canary


                                            8.  Zabana Essentials Dry Shampoo

                                            1. Available in three scents…Shimmery, a tropical coconut… Lavender Citrus Mint…Blood Orange Sage
                                            2. Ingredients…
                                            3. Mission…to provide a product that is not only affordable but friendly to all living things on the planet.
                                            4. Price…$13
                                            5. Review…The Plant Philosophy

                                                 Gonna Wash That Whatever-the-Heck-It-Is Right Outa My Hair


                                                Washing your hair too often can be drying, especially for anyone with gray hair or colored hair…Washing your hair too seldom can cause a buildup of oils that lead to flaking and redness.

                                                Experts claim that washing your hair only twice a week is sufficient for bothmaintaining the natural oil production and achieving moisture balance.

                                                How to Correctly Wash Your Hair...Put a quarter size amount of shampoo in your hands. Distribute the shampoo evenly throughout the hair, instead of simply pouring it on top of your head. Avoid using too much shampoo on your ends because they’re prone to dryness and brittleness.

                                                Make sure to get the nape of the neck, scalp, and roots because this is where dirt and oils usually collect. Scrub for a complete minute before rinsing.

                                                As I make the transition this year to a healthier vegan and minimalistic lifestyle, one of my goals has been to vegan-friendly, cruelty free beauty products that (1) do not contain animal derived ingredients such as honey and beeswax (2) are not tested on animals.

                                                Many of the  most popular in-store brands are owned by big consumer companies actually do that test their products on animals or use animal based by-products to reduce costs.

                                                Also many of the chemicals and ingredients contained in these shampoos can cause rashes, marks, and itchy skin.

                                                Vegan shampoo is only made from completely organic plant-based ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.

                                                But these vegan shampoos still gives you that same amazing clean and fresh feeling as regular shampoos. 

                                                Factors to consider when shopping for vegan shampoos include price, reviews and overall effectiveness.

                                                Here are a few of the best cruelty-free shampoos currently on the market…

                                                  1.  Beauty Without Cruelty Daily Benefits ..

                                                  • Ingredients..purified water, aloe ver leaf juice, lemongrass oil, sweet orange oil, lavandin oil, birch leaf extract, birch sap extract, clover blossom extract, yarrow. extract, rosemary extract, sage extract…no animal ingredients, paraben or synthetic fragrances
                                                  • Price…$11
                                                  • Review…Makeup Alley



                                                  2.  Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo… 

                                                  • Ingredients… certified organic ingredients, including extracts and essential oils…NO harmful chemicals what-so-ever. No SLS, SLES, parabens, PG or PG derivatives, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance or anesthetizing agents….
                                                  • Price…$20
                                                  • Review… Dry Scalp Gone


                                                   3.  Giovanni Smooth as Silk Vegan Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients… grapefruit, apple and aloe extract…no parabens, lauryl or laureth sulfate…100% vegan…no animal testing or animal by-product
                                                  • Price… $9
                                                  • Review…Un-Ruly


                                                  4.  Mukti Organics Botanique Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients…gluten, nut, wheat & silicone free…made entirely out of organic and non-animal-based ingredients…100% vegan …contains no beeswax or honey… 100% vegan brand who never test their products on animals, export to countries that engage in animal testing, or buy raw materials from companies that do
                                                  • Price… $40
                                                  • Review…Truth in Aging


                                                  5.  Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients…tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender
                                                  • Price…$13
                                                  • Review…Makeup Alley

                                                   6. Puracy Citrus & Mint Natural Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients…non-toxic, vegan friendly, gluten-free, biodegradable…squalene to provide endless moisture, eliminate frizz, and create frictionless hair…no sulfates, parabens, perfumes, animal by-products or other harsh chemicals…100% vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable 
                                                  • Price…$15
                                                  • Review…Perhaps Kale

                                                   7.  Sweet Baby Natural Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients…natural plant based ingredients…free from numerous harmful chemicals including sulfates, parabens, phthalates, phosphates, and dyes…specially formulated to be used on younger children and babies
                                                  • Price…$10
                                                  • Review…My Milky Baby

                                                  8.  The Wonder Seed Virgin Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo

                                                  • Ingredients…100% toxin and cruelty free…organic plant based ingredients… no toxins or chemicals…virgin organic hemp seed oil and a mix of essential sweet orange or green tree oil…
                                                  • Price…$16
                                                  • Review…Organic Bunny


                                                  Please Go Brush Your Hair



                                                  Brushing your hair serves many different purposes…including detangling hair, perfecting your style, distributing the sebum and oils from your scalp and along each strand of hair, keeping your hair healthy, and preventing oil from building up at the root and making a greasy look.

                                                    And hair brushes are available in many different styles and materials.

                                                      Although choosing the right brush for your styling needs and hair type  might seem straightforward, choosingwhich brush you should choose should depend on both your hair type and the task you need it to achieve.

                                                        Here are a few options available in hair brushes available and the purpose each brush is designed for…   

                                                          1.  Detangling brushes, such as this EcoTools Detangler Paddle Brush, are a great option for evenly distributing oils without causing frizz or damage, keeping hair smooth, and removing tangles.  
                                                          The  EcoTools Detangler Paddle Brush has a sustainable bamboo handle, 100% cruelty-free nylon bristles, large paddle, and a vented cushion to provide maximum detangling with minimal pulling and damage.

                                                          This brush also allows you to conserve electricity because its design allows you to dry your hair in 20% less time, and as a result helping you to keep your hair healthier.
                                                          2.  Sculpting brushes, such as this Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush, are a great option for helping to heat style your wet hair, reducing static and frizz, and smoothing and softening hair.This brush has nylon bristles have ball tips, an air-cushioned “ouchless” pad, and is specially designed to detangle hair before styling.
                                                          3.  Teasing brushes, such as this Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brushhave several rows of bristles in staggering heights to allow you to quickly get the most volume at your roots as possible when “backcombing” your hair, meaning less damage to your hair. 


                                                           4.  Thermal brushes, such as this SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush,
                                                          are a great option for providing volume and lift, helping to prevent flat hair midway through the day, heat styling with a blow dryer, and helping you dry your hair faster because of its big, round metallic or ceramic barrel.

                                                          5.  Volumizer brushes, such as this Denman D31 – Medium 7 row volumizing brush, eliminate frizz, fly-aways, and static…give “second-day hair”  lift, volume, and body…and keep your style looking fabulous, even between shampoos.