Articles On Argan Oil…What Is Argan Oil?!

Argan oil has seemed to be a huge buzzword for hair products for quite a while now, but what exactly is “argan oil”?   Argan oil comes from argan kernels, which come from argan nuts, which come from argan fruit, which come from argan trees, which come only from the argan forest of southwest Morroco.Continue reading ” Articles On Argan Oil…What Is Argan Oil?!”

Air Drying Your Hair—The Lazy Vegan Girl’s Guide to Styling Your Hair

It is important to take care of your hair while it is wet, mainly because this is when your hair is most likely to fall out…and none of us wants our hair to fall out, (even though there are many days when I feel like pulling my own hair out because of stress)…   Heat canContinue reading “Air Drying Your Hair—The Lazy Vegan Girl’s Guide to Styling Your Hair”

Now What?!

Once you have finished taking your shower, it is crucial that you take the time to “pamper” your skin and hair. the better and healthier both your skin and your hair will be. Since a post-shower routine is so important in maintaining the health of your hair and skin, let’s talk about the things thatContinue reading “Now What?!”

Wrap Up Your Really, Really Relaxing Shower with a Really, Really Regal Bathrobe

Another important “me-time” luxury that you will want to have close at hand once you step out of the shower is a bathrobe that you could definitely live in…or do actually wish that you could live in… So why not reward yourself with a bathrobe that will feel like a true indulgence and smart investmentContinue reading “Wrap Up Your Really, Really Relaxing Shower with a Really, Really Regal Bathrobe”

8 Best Cruelty-Free OTBC Facial Cleansers

For those of us without the time initiative to make our own vegan cleansers, there are several OTBC (over the beauty counter) options available, such as…   1,  100% PURE: Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Foam Best for…those with oily and sensitive skin Ingredients…aloe, rosewater, coconut oil, and so forth… Price…$35   2. Alba Botanica ACNEdoteContinue reading “8 Best Cruelty-Free OTBC Facial Cleansers”

Raw Foods Diet for the Skin

 Even the best-reviewed and most popular body and skin care products often have significant amounts of harmful toxins, chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives and stabilizers. These can easily be absorbed through the skin’s pores and cause a range of negative long-term health effects. Is using such mass-produced, chemical-laden products worth the risk of developing healthContinue reading “Raw Foods Diet for the Skin”

  Muffins and Magnolias Book Club

     Each year I make out a reading list based on the goals that I have set for the upcoming year. Through the years some of the topics that I have studied have included holiday traditions, cooking techniques, and underwater basket weaving. This upcoming year my main goal is to de-clutter, organize, and embraceContinue reading ”  Muffins and Magnolias Book Club”

Blessing the Bibliophiles

  For those of us book lovers who have a nightstand piled high with books, subscribe to the local bookstore’s newsletter, and always keep a paperback close at hand, we belong to a special breed of people called bibliophiles. And this year why not share your love of reading with other bibliophiles by making aContinue reading “Blessing the Bibliophiles”

Do the Bunny Hop

   Today there are thousands of “cruelty-free” brands available, but terms like “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” are not actually regulated. So any product can claim to be “cruelty-free, ” even though it actually is tested on animals. How can you as a consumer know which brands are actually cruelty-free and which brands simplyContinue reading “Do the Bunny Hop”