Better Than the Wish Book Ever Was

So obviously after we’ve gotten our containers for our container gardening, we’re gonna need some plants to stuff in them…empty containers are just not that exciting, right?! So that’s where the catalog comes in…   The seed catalog, that is…     Seed catalogs offer a colorful glimpse into the past andĀ  have a colorfulContinue reading “Better Than the Wish Book Ever Was”

Making the Perfect Tempura

For our final post on using a flour-based batter, let’s talk about tempura. Tempura is a very popular Japanese appetizer or snack. Tempura is actually more a method of cooking, more specifically of deep-frying, that involvesĀ coating ingredients…(more on this later)…with a feather-light batter and then cooking it in very hot oil so that you endContinue reading “Making the Perfect Tempura”

33 Different Kinds of Coffee to Keep Even the Barista Confused

      I am a simple person. I have dwindled my wardrobe into a 52-piece capsule wardrobe, organized my spice cabinet alphabetically, and cleaned/organized every single room in my house this year in my quest for minimalism and a better lifestyle in general for my family. So it’s probably not a big shock thatContinue reading “33 Different Kinds of Coffee to Keep Even the Barista Confused”