Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z

Mention anything about possibly even thinking about adding more fruits and vegetables to your breakfast menu…and especially leafy greens, and you’ll especially in the mornings, and you immediately start thinking about smoohties…in particular…green smoothies. Green smoothies—gee, that would be something that has a green color and a smooth texture…such as wasabi?…or guacamole?…or split pea soup?Continue reading “Green Smoothies…The Why’s from A to Z”

When Life Gives You Lemons

Lemon water…simply lemons with water, or water with lemons…big deal, right?!   But wait!!! Besides helping you drink your daily suggested amount of water, lemons actually add many health benefits to water…benefits that up until now, I didn’t realize…and many of us didn’t even recognize either. For this reason, lemons have been used in manyContinue reading “When Life Gives You Lemons”

Yes, Actually You CAN Take It With You

Now that we’ve established the fact that all of us should be drinking more water and talked about a few ways to make drinking water more of a habit, let’s look at a few of the things that will make this goal easier to achieve. Sure, you could simply buy bottled water, more on whichContinue reading “Yes, Actually You CAN Take It With You”

Production Foods

So as our family makes this transition from setting up a household that is “greener” and more “politically correct”…and learning to live with type 2 diabetes, I have decided to actually plan and prepare breakfasts, instead of passing out the Pop-Tarts or granola bars. This last year I have totally realized just how much diet andContinue reading “Production Foods”