Muffins—I absolutely love baking…my first purchase from my very first paycheck was my very own KitchenAid mixer…pretty appropriate since I had spent the last twenty years of my life with a prominent caterer in north Mississippi…

Magnolias—Some of us were called to be not only Southern belles, but also “Steel Magnolias”…Mother Theresa once said…”God never gives me more than we can handle…I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”

I would like to share stories of people that I have known personally, or not, who have truly inspired me…

I would also like to share stories about my own life when I have had to be a “Steel Magnolia,” such as my husband being deployed five times to Afghanistan and Iraq, my struggles with bipolar disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome, my oldest daughter and her three year old son moving back home when we had great dreams of being “empty nesters”…

Muffins and Magnolias—Once my husband retires from the Army Corps of Engineers in about five years, we hope to move from Arlington, Texas and open a bed and breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi named “Muffins and Magnolias”…

I hope to use this blog as both a journal of this endeavor… and a collection of ideas that will hopefully make my readers as excited to visit Muffins and Magnolias once it opens as I will be excited to finally have it open…


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